Water Polo on 5 Live sports extra

on Friday, 06 July 2012.

Pre-Olympic water polo tournament

Water Polo on 5 Live sports extra

GB play their 3rd game of this pre-Olympic water polo tournament tomorrow (7 Jul) and 5 Live sports extra is broadcasting between 6-45 pm to 10 pm.  Follow these links to British Swimming Dublin Cup Blog and the Official website for the match schedule:




Also you can follow Tweet updates on Lisa Knight’s 's twitter feed. She's at 'newslisaknights'

East District Masters Sprint Meet

on Tuesday, 03 July 2012.

18th August 2012

East District Masters Sprint Meet

A survey was sent out to Masters swimmers within the East District to advise that there were some funds available to encourage Masters swimming within the district and to establish how masters would like this money to be spent. The options were a training day, training camp or fun/sprint type meet. The results of the survey were a fun/sprints type gala. Deans High School in Livingston has been booked for 18th August 2012 and the meet will be open to East District masters swimmers only. Contact Susan Liddle or Laura Crawford for details or go to http://www.sasaeastdistrict.org.uk/images/files/masters/eastmastersthankyou.pdf

Stay safe this summer

on Friday, 29 June 2012.

Enjoy school holidays in safety

Stay safe this summer

We all hope for good weather when the school holidays arrive but unfortunately every year tragedy strikes when people are tempted to swim where it is not safe.

A particular temptation seems to be old flooded quarries and sadly, in Wales, a fourteen year old boy lost his life while swimming in a disused quarry. This is a stark reminder of what can happen and has happened in recent years in Scotland.

So please, be safe, swim in safe swimming pools or from safe beaches!