Scottish Water polo Championships on Sunday 23rd April

on Friday, 21 April 2017.

Olympia, Dundee

East District clubs will be competing in 5 out of 6 of the Scottish Cup finals being hosted at Olympia, Dundee on Sunday 23rd April.

Team presentations will be held immediately prior to each match.  Medal and trophy presentations will be held immediately after each game.

Below is the schedule for the day. 1st named time in white caps.
10:00 U16 Mixed Final – Stirling vs Menzieshill
11:25 U21 Men Final – Dunfermline Water Polo Club vs
12:50 U19 Girls Final vs Dunfermline
14:15 U18 Boys Final – Dunfermline vs
15:40 Ladies Final – Edinburgh Uni vs Dunfermline
17:05 Men Final – Dunfermline vs Portobello

The entry fee will include a programme. If anybody would like to take photos, there will be a register at the entry desk.  A review of photography guidelines means from this year we will only be allowed to post pictures that are considered to be ‘action shots’ eg: in pool, team briefings, warming up etc.  For all other athlete pictures, team kit (or just clothes) will have to be worn eg: medal ceremonies, group shots etc. 
There will be a lot of social media activity around the finals day again this year, with Scottish Swimming support.  Use hashtag;source=gmail&ust=1492872941261000&usg=AFQjCNHpZIvsFeZMasHy-NnaD0OxO43RGA" style="color:rgb(17, 85, 204)">#SWPC17 on social media.

Good luck to all the players and clubs taking part


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