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Fife Novice League 5th March 2017
 Fife Leagues 5th March 2017


Fife Schools Championships Session 1

 Fife Schools Championships Session 2

Geordie Wotherspoon Championships 2016

Fife Championships 2016  Session 2

Fife Championships 2016 Session 3

Geordie Wotherspoon championship winners 2016    Carnegie SC

George Donn trophy winners 2016                         Carnegie SC

2016 Novice league results

Girls 9 and under; 1st Cupar; 2nd Burntisland; 3rd Carnegie

Girls 10-12 yrs; 1st Glenrothes; 2nd Burntisland; 3rd Carnegie

Boys 9 and under; 1st Step Rock; 2nd Burntisland; 3rd Carnegie

Boys 10-12 yrs; 1st Burntisland; 2nd Cupar; 3rd Carnegie

Fife league results 2016

Girls 8-10yrs; 1st Carnegie; 2nd Burntisland; 3rd Dunfermline

Girls 11-12; 1st Glenrothes; 2nd Cupar; 3rd Dunfermline

Girls 13-14; 1st Cupar; 2nd Burntisland; 3rd InCAS

Girls 15+ yrs; 1st Burntisland; 2nd Fins; 3rd Glenrothes

Boys 8-10 yrs; 1st Carnegie; 2nd Glenrothes; 3rd Step Rock

Boys 11-12 yrs; 1st Step Rock; 2nd Carnegie; 3rd Burntisland

Boys 13-14; 1st Carnegie; 2nd Cupar; 3rd Glenrothes

Boys 15+ yrs; 1st Carnegie; 2nd Fins; 3rd Burntisland



Bobby Greenlees trophies for most improved novices (girls and boys) - Roll of honour

2013 Kirsten Smith      Isaac Laker

2014 Megan Ovens     Cameron McMaster and Oliver Goad 

2015 Freya McLelland  Robbie Francis

2016 Milli Arkwright     Scott Smyth