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Geordie Wotherspoon championship winners 2017   Step Rock

George Donn trophy winners 2017  Carnegie SC

(awarded to the winners of the Fife League competition)

2017 Novice league results

Girls 9 and under; 1st Step Rock; 2nd Cupar; 3rd Carnegie

Girls 10-12 yrs; 1st Step Rock; 2nd Cupar; 3rd Carnegie

Boys 9 and under; 1st Step Rock; 2nd Carnegie; 3rd Burntisland 

Boys 10-12 yrs;  1st Step Rock; 2nd Carnegie; 3rd Burntisland

Fife league results 2017

Girls 8-10yrs; 1st Carnegie; 2nd Glenrothes; 3rd Fins

Girls 11-12; 1st Fins; 2nd Carnegie; 3rd Carnegie B

Girls 13-14; 1st Glenrothes; 2nd Fins ; 3rd Burntisland

Girls 15+ yrs; 1st Fins; 2nd Glenrothes; 3rd Fins B


Boys 8-10 yrs; 1st Carnegie; 2nd Step Rock

Boys 11-12 yrs; 1st Glenrothes; 2nd Carnegie; 3rd Carnegie B

Boys 13-14; 1st Carnegie; 2nd Step Rock; 3rd Carnegie B

Boys 15+ yrs; 1st Carnegie; 2nd Fins; 3rd Fins B

Overall winner of Fife Leagues; Carnegie SC

 Bobby Greenlees trophies for most improved novices (girls and boys) - Roll of honour

2013   Kirsten Smith      Isaac Laker

2014   Megan Ovens     Cameron McMaster and Oliver Goad 

2015   Freya McLelland  Robbie Francis

2016   Milli Arkwright     Scott Smyth

2017   Ailsa Burns         Craig MacFarlane