About Swimming

The district organises competitions and training for East District swimmers and two open swimming competitions each year; the East District open (May / June) and the Edinburgh International swim meet (March).

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Open Water

Open water swimming takes place in outdoor bodies of water such as oceans, bays, lakes, rivers, canals and reservoirs. The activity has grown in popularity in recent years.

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Masters swimming is a special class of competitive swimming and is for swimmers 25 years or older. They compete within age groups of 5 years.

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Diving is made up of many different styles and techniques. It involves a display of perfectly formed body positions while plunging into a pool of water.

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Water Polo

Water Polo is a team watersport. The playing team consists of six field players and one goalkeeper. The winner of the game is the team that scores the most goals.

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Can you imagine swimming for up to five minutes while performing acrobatics, holding your breath, looking graceful and having to keep in time to the music or your fellow athletes?

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Congratulations to Janet McLean - Winner of the Peter Heatly Trophy 2018

on Wednesday, 12 December 2018.

Presented by immedeiate Past President - Richie Metcalfe

Congratulations to Janet McLean, winner of the Peter Heatly Trophy for 2018, seen here receiving the trophy from immediate past President, Richie Metcalfe.

Janet started her impressive career in the 1980’s as an 8 year old with
Warrender Baths, and hasn’t taken a break from competitive swimming in the
last 35 years.

Over this time she has accumulated twenty Scottish Masters records, adding
another three to her tally this year; breaking the 45-49 year old short course
records in the 400 IM, 200 Back and 1500 Free.
She is consistently in the World Top Ten rankings, ranked World No 2 in 400IM,
and No 3 in 200 fly in 2016, adding the 200 Back to these events in the 2017

Janet  has won Gold Medals at three European Masters; winning the
400 free in the Ukraine in 2011, the 200 Fly in Eindhoven in 2013 and Slovenia
this summer she won the 100 Fly.

She has achieved all this while completing a PhD, which has led her to a
demanding career as a University lecturer in Psychology, raising her two sons,
and coaching at Carnegie Swimming Club.

She is a much-respected member of the master’s community and an
inspiration to others, young and old involved in the sport.

For all award winners go to https://www.sasaeastdistrict.org.uk/structure/award-winners

British Swimming and the Home Nations have launched the ‘Event Volunteer Hub

on Tuesday, 11 December 2018.

In recognition of International Volunteers Day 2018

The hub details everything from roles available, the benefits of getting involved, types of skills that can be gained and much more.

British Swimming CEO Jack Buckner said, “Volunteers are the heart and soul of our events and without them they simply could not be delivered. The energy, enthusiasm and expertise demonstrated by volunteers will continue to remain at the centre of our athlete’s and spectator’s experience.

“Our new Event Volunteer Hub provides everything you need to either start your volunteering journey at aquatic events or take it to the next level.


The hub can be accessed at https://www.britishswimming.org/members-resources/event-volunteer-hub/ 

Heading to Aberdeen Uni Next year? 2 Bedroom flat available from 1st July 2019

on Tuesday, 11 December 2018.

Contact Dave Civil

For more details of this flat please contact Dave Civil on  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.