50 nominated swimmers, accompanied by club coaches, attended Fife Area Squad day 2

on Monday, 13 May 2024.

Sunday 12th May 2024

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Swimmers in Fife took part in the second area squad day of 2024 on Sunday 12th January at Kirkcaldy swimming pool. 50 nominated swimmers, accompanied by club coaches, attended from Cupar & District, Step Rock, Burntisland ASC, Glenrothes SC, Incas, Carnegie SC and Dunfermline ASC.  The training days are across 2 age groups, 10-12 & 13-14 and split between pool, fitness studio and classroom targeting the progression of Fife age group swimmers towards a National Aquatics Programme. A key element of the day is also coach development and club networking.

The swim session was led by Andy May from Portobello ASC which was a progression from day 1 with some solid swim training followed by a test kick set and underwater streamlining work. The educational session led by Lesley Murray from Cupar, discussed SMART training & competition goals and looked at race preparation. A high intensity land training session raising the pulses and temperature in the room was delivered from James Waite.  An impressive amount of commitment was on display from the swimmers and the Fife regional committee thank all the coaches and volunteers for attending.
 A Ross


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