6 finalists and 5 winners for East District Waterpolo Teams

on Wednesday, 25 April 2018.

Scottish National Waterpolo Championships 18

Congratulations to the East District Waterpolo teams who contested all six finals andwon five of them at the Scottish National Waterpolo Championships 18.

Dunfermline WPC took home two titles with the Mens U21 Malta Cup and Girls U19 Annette Mooney Memorial Trophy, but they were edged out in the Men's showpiece Scottish Cup final by Portobello ASC. University of Edinburgh won the Women's Scottish Cup while Stirling Swimming WPC took home the Mixed U16 David Balbirnie Cup, and there was a triumph for Warrender WPC in the Boys U18 Willie Mellor Cup.

The opening match was the Mixed U16 David Balbirnie Cup between Stirling and Portobello, with the former looking to retain their title. A close match finished 14-9 to the holders.

Portobello featured in the next final too, for the Mens U21 Malta Cup, against another title-holding team in Dunfermline WPC. And once again it was the holders who won out, showing their class in an 18-4 victory.

Dunfermline kept up that impressive form in the Girls U19 Annette Mooney Memorial Trophy, beating a spritied Warrender side by a score of 18-7.

For the Boys U18 Willie Mellor Cup it was Warrender vs Menzieshill Whitehall. Warrender won by five goals in the end, stretching their lead from a tight 7-6 at the beginning of the final quarter to eventually run out 13-8 winners.

In the next match, the Women's Scottish Cup, University of Edinburgh WPC inflicted another defeat on Portobello to win the Graz Trophy for the seconed year in a row. The final score was 15-4.

But Portobello finally got their hands on a trophy and it came in a thrilling final against age-old rivals Dunfermline WPC, maintaining their dominance in this championship. The scores went back and forth early on and the gap throughout the match was never more than two goals. Portobello nudged out in front 4-2 just before the end of the first quarter and they did not reliqinquish the lead for the rest of the match, even with Dunfermline scoring in the last 30 seconds of the match. The score in the end was 9-8 to Portobello.


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