DRP virtual session

on Friday, 26 June 2020.

virtual session on Friday 3 July.

Swimmers taking part in the DRP session at the end of 2019 and who have not already been involved in a recent stroke camp should check their email accounts for an invite to a virtual session on Friday 3 July.

Invites have been emailed out by Scottish Swimming, but if yours has gone astray, contact Shona McCallum as soon as possible and register your interest. There are limited spaces for coaches also to attend.  s.mccallum@scottishswimming.com
The camp will start at 1300hrs and finish at 1500hrs. Details are.





Introduction and Update – Alan Lynn

10 mins

Performance Behaviours Presentation – Lead coach

25 mins

Discussion groups – swimmers & coaches

15 mins

Plenary session – Lead coach

10 mins

Senior swimmer Q&A

20 mins

Senior swimmer Mini W.O.D.

15 mins

Senior swimmer Mini Pilates

15 mins

Summary & next steps – Alan Lynn

10 mins






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