East District Sprints Day information

on Tuesday, 18 December 2018.

22nd December 2018

Warm up in both the 25m and swim down pools please.
Morning warm up;
8:30-8:50  all boys swimming in event 301; 50m backstroke
8:50-9:10 all girls swimming in event 302; 50m backstroke
9:10-9:30 mixed warm up - any other swimmers for butterfly events
Afternoon warm up;
12:00-12:20  all boys swimming in event 320; 50m breaststroke
12:20-12:40  all girls swimming in event 321; 50m breaststroke
12:40-13:00 mixed warm up - any other swimmers for freestyle events
Finals and relays
15:15 - 16:00 - all swimmers
Changing rooms
Small bags only poolside please. 
As the changing rooms will be busy, swimmers living nearby may wish to travel to the pool in warm up swimwear. 
Additional lockers may be found in the corridors on the same level as the changing rooms. A refundable £1 coin is required to operate lockers. 
For this round only; all 8 finalists in each individual event will receive a pen. Pens will not be presented but should be collected from the designated table located outside the changing room once finalists are announced. Medallists are required for presentations at night.
Please note; spectator seating in the gallery will be restricted throughout the heats sessions.

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