Lost and Found

on Saturday, 05 January 2019.

MWC Glenrothes

LOST: (Warrender swimmers)

Three racing suits lost at the ED Sprints, all of which were hanging over the balcony in the first block of seating which Warrender were using upstairs.Perhaps they have fallen over the balcony on to the poolside and if someone may have picked them up thinking they belong to someone from their Club. The suits are as follows:


Black speedo fastskin size 25 with a number 1 handwritten on the size label.

Arena racing suit size 24 grey and pink

Arena racing suit size 28 bright blue and pink


In addition, there was drawstring bag with about 4 girls training costumes left in a changing cubicle.


FOUND: See photo, These items were left after the Sprints day and have been taken to MWC's lost property


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