Congratulations to Duncan McKinnell:

Presidents Plate

This award is my decision (no pressure) but actually was a very easy one to make.
As with all of us we started everything we do, and have done, by having a swimmer
and being convinced to take up a watch.
This person is no different and qualified as a timekeeper in the dim and distant past
on 30 September 1998. This little nugget of information is kept very quiet though
(nothing is safe from me!)
The swimming journey for this person took a very different pathway from the
standard when they were convinced (maybe press ganged and blackmailed!) into
taking up a mic instead of a watch. (mind the watch qualification has come in very
handy on the odd occasion.
This direction has seen many doors open up in the world of aquatics but his heart is
still with clubs and grassroots swimmers and he is only 1 of 2 people I know that can
make an 800 or 1500 metre event sound exciting.
Known as the voice of Scottish Swimming this has seen him in demand at many a
high level event throughout the years.
Although known for his announcing he was also instrumental in the beginnings of live
streaming within the District and furthering Scottish events.
The high level of detail and background work done in advance of any meet makes
things look and sound so easy – trust me its not.
He has taken on many voluntary roles within Swimming and is a font of knowledge
on many subjects and has been a good sounding board for many a discussion over
the years I have had the pleasure to call him a friend.
It is my very great pleasure to award the Presidents Plate to Duncan McKinnell

Susan Liddle East District President