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If Masters swimming offers an excellent way to compete against your peers no matter your age, our decathlon competition is great for those who want to compete in different disciplines.  As the name suggests, you have to compete in a combination of ten different strokes and distances, and there are prizes for the top male and female Scottish masters swimmers over the year.

If you're a SASA registered swimmer, you'll be automatically entered into the decathlon competition when you complete your first race during the year and we'll continue to total up your points throughout the year - we'll keep track of your score so you don't have to!  

Although the decathlon offers a great way to compete against others, often our competitors find it a great way to keep track of their performances over time - meaning they can set their own goals from improving points in one particular discipline, or improving their overall score. 

It's fun,  free to enter, we do all the hard work and you can win prizes - what's not to like about the Scottish Masters Decathlon!


British Masters decathlon Leaderboard



Decathlon Result 2018 men

Men    1st Martin Snape    SCB     8819.3

           2nd Eddie Riach      M&B    8100.7

          3rd Chris Ferguson  SCB   7825.4


Decathlon Result Women 2018



Womens  1st Audrey Cooper SCB      9935.3

                 2nd Jenn Davis      WBC     8384.0

                3rd Karen McBeath Forres  8334.6 



Decathlon Result 2017

Mens - Stuart McIntosh  Aberdeen Dolphins 1st

            Eddie Raich           M&B                        2nd

            Ian Milne               SCB                         3rd


Womens- Judy Hattle        Carlisle    1st

                 Audrey Cooper   SCB           2nd

                 Karen McBeath   Forress     3rd   



 Decathlon Results 2016

 Men's Decathlon Results 2016

 Women's Decathlon Result 2016


Decathlon Results 2015