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Covid update and STO training

There are many discussions taking place around issues regarding STOs, potential opportunities for workshops and what will competition look like? Information on the immediate impact on STO training and general and Judge 1 training in particular can be found at


Hopefully some local virtual workshops to come and any timekeeper wanting to move onto J1 training the J1 online course is available at 

East District will pay the course fee for members and guidance on the application process is available here


The clock for completing the poolside sessions is paused until further notice. The process for signing up and requesting a payment voucher from the district is found here

Many would also benefit from doing the contemporary issues (a requirement for J1 trainees and anyone with a BS licence) 

There are a number of BS & SS working groups and STO matters are being raised but with competition not being considered at any point in the near future then no decisions are likely any time soon.

If you have any points you wish me to pass onto the NSTOC or questions for the district STO let me know and I'll see what I can do to get an answer.

Wishing you and yours all the best during these difficult times and if you know any official who is on facebook but not in the group send them an invite.