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Minutes of Management Meeting 20th January 2022
Minutes of Management Meeting 21st October 2021
Minutes of Management Meeting June 17th 2021
Minutes of Management Meeting 22nd April 2021
Minutes of January 21st 2021 Management Meeting
Notes from October 2020 Management Meeting
Action Points from July (Zoom) Management Meeting
Minutes of January 2020 Management Meeting
Action points from January 2020 Management Meeting
Minutes of August 2019 Management Meeting
Action points from August 2019  Management Meeting
Minutes of May 2019 Management Meeting
Minutes of March 2019 Management Meeting
Reports submitted to March Management Meeting
Minutes of January 2019 Management Meeting
Action points from January Management Meeting
Reports for January 2019 Management Meeting
Letter from East District President
Minutes of EGM 21st February 2020
Minutes of Membership Forum 18th November 2021
Minutes of Membership Meeting 16th September 2021
Minutes of East District Business Meeting 18th February 2021
Reports for East District Membership Meeting 18th February 2021
Notes from November 2020 Forum Meeting
Notes from Pre-SASA AGM Meeting held on 17th September 2020
Narative for District Development
Development Plan 2019-2022
Minutes of November 2019 Members' Business Meeting
Reports for November 2019 Membership Meeting
Minutes of April 2019 Delegates' Meeting
Minutes of February 2019 Delegates' Meeting
Correspondence for December 2020
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Correspondence from 1st January to 14th January 2020
Correspondence from 16th November to 31st December 2019
Correspondence from 30th July to 22nd October 2019
Correspondence from 12th May to 25th July 2019
Minutes of East District AGM 2021
AGM 2021 Document Part 1
AGM 2021 Document Part 2
Minutes of the 2020 East District AGM
2020 AGM Document
Minutes of 2018 AGM
2018 AGM Document
Minutes of December 2017 AGM