Swim England National County Team Championships

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Scotland East Swim England County Championships 2019 - Results 


Scotland East 2019 team for the Swim England County Team Championship

The following swimmers will represent Scotland East at the championships in October:

12- 13 Girls

Kate Carruthers, Alice Mackie, Melissa Mainwaring, Jess Heeps and Sarah McNaughton.

14-15 Girls

Oliva Mason, Lucy Trotter, Natalie Jones, Holly McGill and Anna D’Agrosa

16-17 Girls

Ellie Turner, Emma Russell, Ellie Reilly, Katie Goodburn and Eve Corrigan


12-13 Boys

Stefan Krawiec, Calum Peebles, Luke Hornsey, Mathew McMillan, and Mark Scott.

14-15 Boys

Alex Thomson, Sam Glass, Jamie Littlefield, Owen Ray and Finn Bremner

16-17 Boys

Myles Lapsley, Fraser Wilson, Iain Rose, Angus Allison and John Kean.


Team Staff are Lynne RaffertyTeam Manager/ Lead Coach Bruce Halloran/Assistant Coaches Fiona Donald and Jamie Ward.

STO Brian Walkingshaw