Swim England National County Team Championships

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Final Table for the National County Team Championships

Swim England National County Team Championships 2018 7th October 2018, Ponds Forge Sheffield


On Friday 30 East District swimmers travel to Sheffield to represent Scotland East at the Lincoln Vulcans meet and in Division 1 of the county team championships.  The swimmers representing us this year are:




Holly McGill, Drew McKenzie, Megan Porteous, Rachel Saunders, Louisa Stoddart
Katie Goodburn, Morven Lister, Ellie Reilly, Emma Russell, Ellie Turner
Erika Coupek, Caitlyn Dodds, Bridget Lemasurier, Roisin Ramsay, Keanna MacInnes
James Kean, David Kernohan, Stefan Krawiec, Finn McGuire, Nikita McLean
Angus Allison, Josh Aspinall, Sean Craigmile, Jason English, Myles Lapsley
Daniel Ferguson, Archie Goodburn, John Kean, Sonny Kennedy, Liam McLaughlin


We have Carole McDonald and Scott Oliver travelling with us as officials.  Gordon Glasgow, assisted by Will Suayguam and Liam Conlon make up the coaching team.




Team manager is Lynne Rafferty, assisted by Helen Mackay. 




Good luck all,
Andra Laird - Swimming Convenor