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30th April 2022

Over 40 young players from 4 local clubs took part in todays U15 Junior Development tournament at Carnegie Leisure Centre, the first of 3 events supported by SASA East District.

Teams from Dunfermline Water Polo ClubMenzieshill Whitehall Swimming and Waterpolo ClubPortobello ASC - Water Polo Section and Warrender WaterPolo took part.

With 4 teams playing 3 half games each, the players got lots of time in the pool to develop their match skills. Plenty of goals, great saves and good team plays along with some great individual skills were all on display.


This was a development tournament - played in the spirit of the players learning the game. The ethos for the competition was about playing games more than winning and it was great to see so much effort and enthusiasm from all the players having great fun and a good learning experience.

In addition to the young players, many playing in their first tournament, it was great to see a balcony full of spectators along to support their teams generating a good atmosphere for these young players.

Our thanks to all the coaches, officials and poolside helpers who made this possible.

 Additional images


24 Apr 2018

Results from Sunday 22 Apr 2018 Scottish Championships in Tollcross:

Scottish Swimming provided a photographer for the day who took some great images.  Thanks to Neil Hanna for the photos.  All can be found on their Flickr page, link below.

Dunfermline Water Polo Club Men Dunfermline Water Polo Club Men 8-9    Portobello ASC Men Portobello ASC Men
Portobello ASC Ladies Portobello ASC Ladies 4-15 Edinburgh University Ladies Edinburgh University Ladies
Menzieshill Whitehall U18's Menzieshill Whitehall U18's 8-13    Warrender Baths Club U18's Warrender Baths Club U18's
Warrender Baths Club U19's Girls Warrender Baths Club U19's Girls 7-18 Dunfermline Water Polo Club U19's Girls Dunfermline Water Polo Club U19's Girls
Dunfermline Water Polo Club U21's Dunfermline Water Polo Club U21's 18-4  Portobello ASC U21's Portobello ASC U21's
Portobello ASC U16's Portobello ASC U16's 9-14  Stirling Swimming U16's

Stirling Swimming U16's



Waterpolo Report February/March/April





Nov 2017

A new U21 men and women EU Nations international tournament took place in Manchester In Nov and there was a very strong representation from the district in both squads.  Both teams were competitive and finished 3rd.

Men: - Jamie Heywood (Dunfermline/Warr), James Melville (Dunfermline), Matthew Crighton (Dunfermline), Ben Scott (Portobello), Finlay Nesbitt (Dunfermline), Euan Broatch (Dunfermline), Luca Pollock (Warrender). Thomas Cameron (Dunfermline), Dominique Zahra (Warrender), Clayton Woods (Portobello), Ross Stewart (Dunfermline), Colin Wood (Portobello), Craig Stewart (Dunfermline).

Women: - Aithne Lawrence (Dunfermline), Alison Tate (Edi Uni), Claire Moloney (Dunfermline/Edi Uni), Emma Hamilton (Warrender), Esme McGregor (Portobello), Eve Meadows (Warrender), Fran Collings (Edi Uni), Gerri Stanley (Warrender), Niamh Moloney Dunfermline), Orla McQuade (Dunfermline), Rowan Foulner (Portobello) Reserve: Libby McMeekin (Dunfermline)

Sep 2017

Congratulations to Gael Logan (Portobello) who was nominated as the Scottish Senior player of the Year award after an outstanding year for club, Caledonia and Scotland.

In the other category, congratulations also to Dominique Zahra (Warrender) who was announced as Scottish Junior Player of the Year following an outstanding year for him which saw him represent GB Junior men.

May 2017 - Waterpolo Update

East District clubs won 5 out of 6 of the 2017 Scottish Championship finals:

Congratulations to Dominique Zahra (Warr) who was selected for the GB U17 Menss squad competing in the European qualifiers in Manchester. The team came 3rd and failed to qualify. In addition, East District also had volunteers supporting the events

East District clubs are again well represented in the Scotland Men water polo team with all bar 1 from the District competing in the EU Nations international water polo tournament in Poland from 19 to 21 May. Congratulations to Ben Scott (PASC), James Melville (DWPC) and Matthew Crighton (DWPC) who are all earning their 1st senior caps for Scotland in an international tournament.

April 2017 - Waterpolo update

East District clubs were well represented in the Scotland boys junior water polo team who competed in the EU Nations international water polo tournament in BRNO, Czech Rep.

Congratulations to Ben Scott (Portobello) and Dominique Zahra (Warr) who are part of the GB Junior boy's squad hoping to compete in the European qualifiers in Manchester.

A successful British Championships event was held at RCP on 8 Apr with both games also live streamed. Caledonia women beat Hucknall then Caledonia men beat Portobello in a narrow and enthralling game.  The water polo committee supported with live streaming and the East District screen provided a great backdrop.

Sep 2016 - Scottish Water Polo Players of the Year

Chris C3Congratulations to Chris Campbell of DWPC who was presented with his Scottish Senior player of the Year award at the Scottish Swimming annual awards evening after an outstanding year for club, Caledonia and Scotland.

In the other category, congratulations also to Matthew Crighton of DWPC who was announced as Scottish Junior Player of the Year following an outstanding year for him. Matthew was unable attend as he was attending GB trials in Manchester.


29 Jun 2016 East District Clubs Dominate the 2016 Scottish Water polo Championships.

The district was represented in all 5 finals and came away with all 5 titles, shared between Warrender, Dunfermline and Portobello in a great day of entertaining water polo and some tight games.

Congratulations to all winners!

Under 16 Mixed Warrender 14 - 9 Dunfermline WARRENDER WIN THE DAVE BALBIRNIE CUP!
Under 19 Girls Warrender 12 - 11 Dunfermline  WARRENDER WIN THE ANNETTE MOONEY CUP!
Under 21 Boys Dunfermline 7 - 4 Menzieshill  DUNFERMLINE WIN THE MALTA TROPHY!
Ladies Dunfermline 13 - 7 Menzieshill  DUNFERMLINE WIN THE GRAZ TROPHY!
Men Portobello 15 - 6 Dunfermline  

30 Nov - East District Clubs Dominate 2015 Scottish Championship Finals

Congratulations to all the players who made each game exciting, and big well done to the winning teams who are all from East District!
Below are the results:
Willie Mellors Cup u18's: Dunfermline WPC 11-7 Portobello ASC

Dave Balbirnie Cup u16's: Dunfermline WPC 9-13 Warrender Baths Club

Malta Trophy u21 Men: Portobello ASC 10-14 Dunfermline WPC

Graz Trophy Ladies: Menzieshill Whitehall SWPC 3-6 Edinburgh University

Scottish Cup Men: Dunfermline WPC 3-6 Portobello ASC

See Scottish Swimming full Flickr Album courtesy of Neil Hanna via this link:

29 Aug - East District Players in Action.

28 waterpolo players from East District clubs are in international action over the next few weeks taking part in 4 tournaments including the EU 10 Nation Girls International in Prague.

The Scotland Junior boys depart early Saturday morning to compete in the U14 BWMF Cup being held in Lloret de Mar from 29 Aug to 2 Sep 2015.

They are closely followed by Scotland junior boys and girls teams competing in the U16 BWMF Cup which is also being held in Lloret de Mar from 2 to 6 Sep 2015.

Seven players from East District are in 12 player Scottish Girls U18 team representing Scotland at the EU 10 Nations International Tournament to be held in Prague from the 4th-6th Sep 2015.
Good luck to our players and all the members of the Scottish Swimming National waterpolo squads in action abroad over the next couple of weeks.

28 Jun - U18 Scotland Girls Training Camp – Hungary

8 East District players are amongst the fifteen girls who will be attending the Scotland U18 girls waterpolo squad end of season training camp in Eger, Hungary from 2-7th July.

Head Coach - Ian MacCallum
Visiting Coach - Neal Rayner
Team Manager - Joan Dundee

Alison Tate - Dunfermline WPC
Hannah Edwards - Menziehill
Aisla Gordon - Stirling
Skye Campbell - Stirling
Jodie White - Portobello
Heather Keith - Otter
Isobel Keith - Otter
Carys Hardy - Portobello
Caitlin McRobbie - Warrender
Siobhan Kerr - Inverness
Emma Hamilton - Warrender
Bethany Livingstone - Portobello
Esme McGregor - Portobello
Hannah Milner - Dunfermline WPC
Lauren Dundee - Stirling

Good luck to the squad.

24 May -  East District Boys off to GB training Camp

Thomas Cameron (DWPC) and Jonny Roberts (Warr) departing for a GB training camp in Croatia 24 May.  The boys are following in the footsteps of other East District players who train with the GB squads

Good luck to the boys





31 Mar - Scottish University Teams selected for 2015 Celtic Nations

The Scottish teams have been selected for the 2015 Celtic Nations being held at Tollcross 4 Apr 2015 and have a strong East district representation:

The ladies team.
Emma Bird (captain) Edinburgh
Nicola Tate Dundee/DWPC
Jenn Davis Edinburgh
Louise Fox Edinburgh
Alison Thomson Edinburgh
Natalie Sodaro Glasgow
Jenna Culloch RGU
Simla Saraglar Glasgow
Maddie Brook Edinburgh
Katy Barker St. Andrews
Tanja Lepore Edinburgh
Rhona Cartwright Aberdeen
Alison Eadie Glasgow

Coach Derek Docherty (Edi Uni)

The men's team:


Bojan Donevski (Nap)
Joe Hansen-Shearer (Edin)
Zach Thomson (Dun/DWPC)
Soma Molnar (Gla)
Kostas Koltan (Aber)
Andreas Meli (Edin)
Borja Marcos (Gla)
Rob Slater (Gla)
Sam Jenkins (Edin)
Michael Houghton (Edin)
Timos Naskas (Gl Cal)
Sean Kelly (Gla) Captain
Andrew Melville (Edin)
Coach Paul Metcalfe (DWPC)



8 Mar - GB Selection for Warrender junior player

Congratulations to Scott Wilson of Warrender who has selected to the GB junior boys team that will travel to Malta for the final qualification stage of the European games that will be held in Baku, Azerbaijan in June.

16 Feb - Scotland Junior Boys  (98+) International Selection

The 1998+ Boys team to represent Scotland in the EU 8 Nations Tournament in Malta 3-5 April is as follows with 7 out of 13 coming from East District clubs:-
1. Reuben Bowman (Stirling)
2. Ben Parsons (Menzieshill)
3. Felix Charlton (Portobello)
4. Clayton Woods (Portobello)
5. Ross Stewart (Dunfermline)
6. Thomas Kane (Crawley}
7. Bailey Forbes (Warrender)
8. Colin Wood (Aberdeen)
9. James Melville (Dunfermline)
10. Lewis Goldie (Stirling)
11. Mathew Crighton (Menzieshill)
12. Dominique Zahra (Warrender)
13. Jamie Heywood (Dunfermline)
Coach : Neil Rayner (Warrender)
Manager : Andrea Baker (Menzieshill)

8 Feb - Scotland Junior (98+) Boys Selection
The Scotland Junior (1998+) team which will compete in the Inter Regions at Manchester on 21/22 February 2016 is :-
1 Rueben Bowman Stirling
2 Ben Parsons (Capt)Menzieshill
3 Angus Cameron Stirling
4 Felix Charlton Portobello
5 Clayton Woods Portobello
6 Jamie Davidson Portobello
7 Scott Wilson Warrender
8 Colin Wood Aberdeen
9 Lewis Goldie Stirling
10 Elliot Lawrence Stirling
11 Calum Hope Stirling
12 Dominique Zahra Warrender
13 Jamie Heywood Dunfermline

Coach : Brian Campbell, Dunfermline
Manager : Andrea Baker, Menzieshill

23 Jan - East District Juniors Dominate GB Squad Selections

Scottish Swimming is delighted to announce Scottish selections for the GB Junior Water Polo squads and 11 of the 14 players come from East District clubs.  These age group squads train in at least 8 weekend camps throughout the year, mostly in Cardiff.   Further selections are made for those age groups competing in European Championships, friendlies and training camps abroad.   The younger age groups had trials on January 10th and 11th. 


1998:     Scott Wilson (Warrender Baths Club)
1999:     James Melville (Dunfermline Water Polo Club)
2000:     Trials still to occur
2001:     Thomas Cameron* (Dunfermline Water Polo Club), Jonathon Roberts*(Warrender Baths Club), Dominique Zahra* (Warrender Baths Club)


1998:     Hannah Edwards (Menzieshill & Whitehall), Alison Tate (Dunfermline Water Polo Club)
1999:     Carys Hardy (Portobello), Caitlin McRobbie (Warrender Baths Club)
2000:     Lauren Dundee* (Stirling Water Polo Club), Bethany Livingston (Portobello)
2001:     Aithne Lawrence* (Stirling Water Polo Club), Orla McQuade* (Dunfermline Water Polo Club), Eva Sigurdardottir* (Warrender Baths Club 2002)

* marks a new selection as of 2015

Speaking after the selections Neal Rayner, Scottish Water Polo Development Officer, said,

“The volume of Scottish players selected is excellent and is testament to the hard work of not only the athletes themselves but their coaches and their clubs for getting the athletes to this level.  In saying that, the hard work really only begins now!
“It is important that these young players get as much training and game time in as possible to help develop their technique, their physicality in the water and their stamina. I’m looking forward to seeing how they all progress.”
For more information on waterpolo in Scotland check out the section on the website:

20 Jan - GB selection for East District Junior Players

Congratulations to Orla McQuade (DWPC), Thomas Cameron (DWPC) and Eva Siggurdottir (Warrender) who have been selected to join the GB junior squads and invited to attend the next GB trials/training weekend on 8/9 Feb in Cardiff.

January Report:  Dunfermline senior men completed an undefeated run by winning the 2014 Scottish Men's Cup final on Sunday with a 14-10 victory over Portobello to complete an outstanding year of success.
2015 competitions have now restarted and last weekend many of our younger and less experienced players (U14s and U12s) took part in a development event at Stirling with a number taking part for the first time. Ladies games are at RCP on Saturday and U16s playing at Stirling on Sunday.
A number of East District junior players attended the GB trials weekend in Cardiff last weekend.
The Caledonia ladies team to complete the BWPL season with 3 wins and earned promotion to Division 1. This team contains a number of East District players.
Portobello ASC start their challenge for the 2015 British Champs this Sat when they travel down to play City of Manchester on Saturday evening. The Portobello squad also contains many senior Dunfermline players to give the team a distinct district feel. In addition to the seniors, coaches from Warrender are also taking a 'Caledonia' U17 team down to Manchester to play City of Manchester U17s in the warm up game as part of their preparations for the 2015 ASA National Age groups. Junior players from WARR, PASC and DWPC are involved in this squad.

On 31 Jan Portobello ASC then play Bristol at RCP in the first of 3 home dates. I've held an informal discussion about the possibility of live streaming. This could be a first for Scottish club polo and a great way to highlight the discipline, RCP as a water polo venue as well as expand the options for using the equipment.


23 Nov 14 - Scotland boys selection for 2001+ Inter Regions

Congratulations to all the 9 East District players who have been selected to the Scotland boys squad taking part in the Born 2001 and younger Inter-regions, which will be held in Walsall on 6-7 December 2014.

The full squad is below:


Thomas Cameron



Lewis Hunter



Joe O'Boyle



Dominique Zahra (Capt)



Gregor Turner



Craig Harris



Rowan Gallacher



Rhauri Stuart



Fraser Richardson



Ethan Darroch



John McKenzie



Harry Gray



Adam Heywood


29 Oct - Caledonia U15 boys 4th in National Age Groups Report

The Caledonia U15 boys reached the semi final stage of the ASA National Age Groups in Manchester after 2 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss in the group stage. 

The team drew the first game 6-6 with Sutton & Cheam, after coming back at a team that fielded a number of GB players and most of the London Regional team.  The 2nd game, against eventual winners Sedgefield, saw us put in a fabulous performance in the first half to lead 3-1 but they came back strongly in the 2nd half to take the win after our concentration dropped off for a short time.
In the next match the team demolished Cheltenham to open the opportunity of making the semi finals.  However, the next opponents were Invicta who had been runners up in the previous year's tournament. The buzz around the team was great, and they took that into the pool and took apart a very good, very big, very experienced team.  The final score was 15-4 and a place in the semi's.

The semi final against Sheffield was perhaps the hardest game for us, our opponents were big, strong, aggressive and very street-wise. We gave them and early lead and could never really get back from that.  The final score didn't really reflect the effort, but some were showing the signs of fatigue.  The team then faced Watford in the bronze medal playoff.

The score was 4-3 to Watford at half time however despite a great 2nd half when the team managed to draw level at 5-5, they eventually went down 7-6 to Watford in a thrilling bronze medal match. 

Congratulations to Jonathon Roberts (Warr) for his Most Valuable Player award playing for Caledonia today at ASA champs

Well done to all the players and to the coach Jean-Luc and team manager Nick Barrow for making it possible.

See below for all match results and link to report on ASA website:

Click here for link to ASA website report

Group matches:

Caledonia 6 Sutton & Cheam 6
Caledonia 3 Sedgefield 8
Caledonia 10 Cheltenham 3
Caledonia 14 Invicta 4
Semi final: Caledonia 2 Sheffield 10
Bronze medal match: Caledonia 6 Watford 7

20 Oct - Scotland Call up for 2 East District U14 players

Congratulations to East District players Orla McQuade and Eva Sigurdardottir who has been selected to represent Scotland in the ASA Inter regional U14 Tournament on the 8/9th November at the Liverpool Aquatics centre.

The full squadlist is below:

Orla McQuade - Dunfermline
Lizzie Winton - Stirling
Catherine Mitchell - Stirling
Kirsty Miller - Stirling
Aithne Lawrence GK -Stirling
Hannah Luke - Stirling
Sara Crighton GK - Menziehill
Eva Sigurdardottir - Warrender
Ellie O'Hagan - Hamilton
Rowan Foulner - unattached

Coach - Neal Rayner

Team Manager - Jennifer Miller

20 Oct - British Gas ASA National Age Group Water Polo Champs 2014 U15

This U15 competition will be held at Manchester Aquatics Centre, as a round robin tournament.  The Boys competition will be held on Saturday 25 October.  

A boys ‘Caledonia’ team has been entered with players from Warrender, Dunfermline and Portobello.  The boys will play in group B against Cheltenham, Invicta, Sutton &Cheam and Sedgefield.  Caledonia boys first game is at 12.30 against Sutton&Cheam.  Click on this link for the full match schedule: ASA U15 Match Schedule


Squad is:


Adam Heywood, Lewis Barrow, Lewis Pritchett, Jonathon Roberts, Rhuari Stuart, Domanique Zahra, Joseph O'Boyle, Fedor Gorobets, Rowan Gallacher, John McKenzie


Thomas Cameron Craig Stewart


Ben Scott


Coach is Jean-luc Zahra (WARR) with Nick Barrow (WARR) as Team Manager.


Good luck to the players and all involved with the team.


19 Oct - Results from BWPL Weekend at RCP

Scores Update from this weekends BWPL at RCP in Edinburgh:

Result for Men's Div 1:
Portobello 12 - 13 City of Sheffield
Lancaster 12 - 10 Portobello
City of Manchester 5 - 7 Portobello

Portobello lie 5th in the league with 2 games to play to guarantee a Super 5s place.

Result for Men's Div 2:
Caledonia 13 - 8 Manchester Hawks
Caledonia 9 - 6 City of Birmingham
Caledonia 10 - 12 Team Northumbria

Caledonia are now placed 2nd taking 8 out of 10 points with only 2 games to play and in a strong position to advance to Championship 1.

18 Oct - BWPL Returns to RCP

BWPL water polo returns to the RCP, Edinburgh this year with the top men's teams in the country battling it out in round 2 of this years' fixtures. This year will see the teams from Manchester, Lancaster, Sheffield, Northumbria and Birmingham, as well as local teams Portobello and Caledonia performing in the Commonwealth venue. The event was last held in Edinburgh 2 years ago and was a resounding success with fantastic support coming from the local crowd who enjoyed the best club water polo in the country. This year promises the same with the only 2 Scottish teams in the competition both competing and hoping for good wins in front of a big home support. Come down to see some excellent competition and cheer on your home favourites!

The first round was in Sheffield last weekend where both Scottish teams made a good start. Caledonia won both their games and Portobello won one and drew one. Link to Div 1 results and Link to Div 2 results

Schedule of Matches - Saturday 18th October
Time White Caps Blue Caps Division
1300 Caledonia vs Team Northumbria 2
1410 City of Birmingham vs Manchester Hawks 2
1520 City of Manchester vs City of Sheffield 1
1630 Lancaster vs Portobello 1
1740 Team Northumbria vs Manchester Hawks 2
Schedule of Matches - Sunday 19th October
0830 Caledonia vs City of Birmingham 2
0940 City of Manchester vs Lancaster 1
1050 Portobello vs City of Sheffield 1
1200 Caledonia vs Manchester Hawks 2
1310 Team Northumbria vs City of Birmingham 2
1420 Lancaster vs City of Sheffield 1
1530 City of Manchester vs Portobello 1

There is no entry fee, programmes on sale price £2.00

2 Oct - Scotland U18 Boys Squad for North Sea Cup Announced

Congratulations to the 6 East District boys who have been selected to the Scotland Junior (1997+) team for the North Sea cup which will be held at Swansea on 8/9 November 2014.

The full squad list is:
1. Jamie Heywood, Warrender
2. Gerard O'Hagan, Hamilton
3. Ben Parsons, Menzieshill (Captain)
4. Angus Cameron. Stirling
5. Clayton Woods, Portobello
6. Ross Stewart, Dunfermline
7. Thomas Kane, Croydon
8. Bailey Forbes, Warrender
9. Scott Wilson, Warrender
10. Colin Wood, Aberdeen
11. James Melville, Dunfermline
12. Mathew Crighton, Menzieshill
13. Rueben Bowman, Stirling

21 Sep - Scotland U18 Girls Squad for North Sea Cup Announced

Congratulations to the following who have been selected to represent Scotland in the North Sea Cup on the 8/9th November in Cardiff.

Gabby Gatherer (Dunfermline) GK, Alison Tate (Dunfermline), Hannah Milner (Dunfermline), Carys Hardy(Portobello), Bethany Livingstone (Portobello), Caitlin McRobbie (Portobello & Warrender), Fran Collings (Mid Sussex Marlins), Hannah Edwards (Menzieshill), Erin Reilly (Hamilton), Niamh Reilly (Hamilton), Lauren Dundee (Stirling), Sara Morrison (Stirling), Erin Lawson (Falkirk).
Reserves:  Esme McGregor (Portobello), Carla Macaloney (Falkirk)

16 Sep - Bojan Donevski - Scottish Senior Waterpolo Player of the Year

Congratulations to Bojan Donevski (Portobello and Edi Uni) on his award of Scottish Swimming Senior waterpolo Player of the Year.

Bojan Donevski

15 Sep - Great weekend for Scotland's senior waterpolo players

Despite losing narrowly by 1 goal to Denmark, the men bounced back to beat Ireland and then Wales to take Silver only topped by a complete clean sweep by the Women to take Gold! What a brilliant weekend and excellent example of international quality players coming out of Scotland Water Polo!

Scotland Men - Runners up

Scotland Ladies






11 Sep - East District Players again dominate Scotland Senior Squads

The Scotland Senior Ladies and Men waterpolo teams are competing in the forthcoming 4 Nations International tournament (formerly the Tri Nations) at the National Aquatic Centre, Dublin on 13 and 14 September 2014.  They will be competing against Denmark, Wales and Ireland.
Womens Squad:
Chantal Guilot, Holly Campbell, Nicola Tate, Julia MacKay, Laura Mathewson, Emma Bird, Fran Collings,
Gael Logan (captain), Carys Hardy, Alison Tate, Hannah Edwards, Alison Thomson, Jordan Kelly-Linden
Mens squad:

B Donevski, L Morgan, E Grundy, K Anderson, N Rutherford, C Campbell, T Cramond, F Rutherford, A Woodall, D Woodall, S Prichett, A Campbell, S Metcalfe.
North Sea Cup Senior Squad
29 Jun - Dunfermline’s Alison Tate Selected for GBR Under 17s Water Polo Squad

Scottish Water Polo player Alison Tate of Dunfermline WPC has been selected to represent GBR under 17 as part of the squad of 13 players heading to Germany for a European tournament taking place mid-August.  Alison will be joined by Hannah Edwards from Menzieshill WPC.


Speaking about their selection Neal Rayner, Scotland Womens National Coach said: 'this is the first time Scottish Swimming has placed two female athletes onto a GBR tournament squad in memory. Between them, Hannah and Alison have 14 senior Scotland caps and this is the first time they will represent GBR at an international tournament'. 


Alison played well in the Commonwealths for Scotland and she is now one of the most experienced U17 GBR players and will hopefully use this to her advantage in Germany.


Club coach Paul Metcalfe was equally delighted and said “this is just reward for all the effort Alison puts in at training with the club, Scotland and GB.  Combined with her swimming training with Dunfermline Amateurs SC, it shows the clubs are capable of helping players to compete for team places at ever higher levels in the sport.  This has already been an outstanding year for our club, with 12 senior players at The Commonwealth waterpolo tournament, many junior players selected for Scotland and now Alison joins Alasdair Campbell and James Melville in being selected to represent GBR in international competitions.”


We wish Alison along with the entire GBR squad the best of luck in Germany.  

16 Jun - Scotland Senior women squad provisionally selected for 6 Nations tournament in Switzerland. 

Players who are members of ED clubs are in bold.

1. Chantal Guillot (GK)
2. Holly Campbell
3. Nicola Tate
4. Julia Mackay
5. Laura Mathewson
6. Victoria Witko
7. Hannah Edwards
8. Alison Tate
9. Laura Fox
10. Emma Bird
11. Susan Johnston
12. Jennifer Davis
13. Goalkeeper #2 - not chosen yet
14. Alison Thomson
15. Carys Hardy
Alternates in order:
16. Fran Collings
17. Erin Reilly
18. Carla Macaloney
19. Caitlin McRobbie

Staff Travelling to Switzerland: Coaches- Neal & Andy, (TM) Eilidh, Paul Metcalfe (Ref)

16 Jun - GB Junior Boy squad selection

Congratulations to James Melville (DWPC) on his selection to the GB boys squad for a trip to Hungary in July. The squad is going out for a training camp and games.

18 May - Scotland 1997+ Boys Team for Inter-Regionals

The team selected for the 1997+ Inter Regions, which will take place in Sheffield on 12/13 July 2014, is –
1. Jamie Heywood (Warrender)
2. Sam Muir (Menzieshill)
3. Braden Henderson (Menzieshill) - Captain
4. Angus Cameron (Stirling)
5. Felix Charlton (Portobello)
6. Clayton Woods (Portobello)
7. Jamie Davidson (Portobello)
8. Scott Wilson (Warrender)
9. Colin Wood (Aberdeen)
10. Lewis Goldie (Stirling)
11. Jack Robertson (Menzieshill)
12. Mathew Crighton (Menzieshill)
13. Elliot Harris (Stirling)


14 Apr - Commonwealth Waterpolo Championships 2014 - Results

After 7 days of top quality waterpolo in Aberdeen between 7 mens teams and 5 womens teams, the event came down to the finals day held on Sat 12 Apr.  Both Scotland teams reached the 3rd/4th playoffs and came up against South African teams who had come out on top earlier in the week.

The men had defeated Wales, New Zealand and Singapore, only losing by a single goal to South Africa plus defeats to event favourites England and Malta to reach 4th place in the group stage.  The women had come through the group stage with 2 wins against Wales but lost to Canada, England and South Africa.

Up first were the Scotland men led by Neilson Rutherford from Portobello.  The game was close throughout with neither side giving up. The first qtr ended 1-1 and the second was similarly close to finish 4-3 to South Africa. The 3rd went Scotland's way with 3 goals to 1 in reply and so the 4th started 6-5 to the Scots. Both sides attacked and also maintained a good defence, particularly with an in-form Bojan Donevski in goals for Scotland to snuff out any shots that breached the solid defence. Despite a number of exclusions on both sides, the Scots held out and with neither side scoring, the game and the bronze medal went to Scotland.  

It was then the women’s turn to see if they could win bronze against the South Africans in the next match.  After winning 23-0 against their opponents earlier in the week, South Africa went into the game overwhelming favourites.  They lived up to expectations as they conceded just once on the way to a 16-1 win over their hosts.  Although it was a disappointing end for Captain Gael Logan and the Scotland Ladies, they can take great pride in their performance this week.


A sell out crowd then watched England men who defeated Malta in the mens final and England women who triumphed over Canada in the womens final. 

A full press report of the finals can be found via this link:

A selection of photos from the championships can be found via this link:


Capt Neilson and the boys after winnning bronze at CWPC 2014


30 Mar - Commonwealth Waterpolo Championships 2014

Less than a week to go and the pools are ready and the teams are ready.....

13 senior men and 8 senior women from East District have been selected to represent Scotland at the Commonwealth Waterpolo Championships at the new Aberdeen Aquatics Centre between 5-12 Apr.  Scotland will host eight nations, including 7 men and 5 women's team's.  It is the homecoming for waterpolo which originated in Scotland.  In the mens competition Scotland, England, Wales, South Africa, Singapore, New Zealand and Malta will compete for the Commonwealth Title.  Whilst in the women's competition Scotland, England, Wales, South Africa and Canada will be competing.

The men's 1st game is against Wales at 4-30pm on Saturday 5 Apr immediately following the opening ceremony,  whilst the women play Wales at 6pm.  A limited number of tickets are available on the day if you've not got them yet. 

The official hashtag is #cwpc2014.

East District Men

East District women








In addition to 21 out of 26 players, East District will have a significant presence in Aberdeen supporting these championships with 5 on the team staff and a further 5 selected as match officials with many others fulfilling volunteer roles.

20 Mar - Scotland Girls for ASA U18 Inter-Regional Tournament 5/6 Apr

Congratulations to the following girls who have been selected to represent Scotland in the above tournament.  Gabby Gatherer (DWPC), Vicki Reid (DWPC), Hannah Milner (DWPC), Carys Hardy (PORT), Bethany Livingston (PORT), Caitlin McRobbie (Warr) 

19 Mar - Scotland Men’s selection for CWPC. 

Following the EU Nations Cup, the final 13 for the Scotland mens squad has been selected for the Commonwealth Tournament and is again dominated by the East District players:

B Donevski (PORT/Edi Uni), S Metcalfe (DWPC), N Rutherford (PORT), F Rutherford (PORT), K Anderson (PORT), J Scobie (PORT), A Campbell (DWPC), D Campbell (DWPC), C Campbell(DWPC), M Speed (DWPC), D Baxter (DWPC), A Woodall (DWPC), E Grundy (PORT).

Reserves: David Armstrong (PORT), Tom Cramond (PORT).Scotland Mens team Mar 2014

17 Mar - EU Nations Cup - 14-16 Mar

The Scotland mens squad took part in an 8 nation EU Nations Cup tournament in Limerick 14-16 Mar, after 5 games in 3 days, Scotland narrowly lost their last game after Switzerland scored to the final 20secs to win 10-9.  The Scots came 6th overall in an excellent and competitive tournament.  13 of the 14 man squad was from ED clubs with David Armstrong (PORT) also attending as the Scotland referee.

16 Mar - Scotland Women's selections for CWPC.

Congratulations to the East District ladies selected for the final 13 places to compete at the Commonwealth tournament:

Chantal Guillot (Dunfermline), Vicky Witko (Portobello), Julia MacKay (Dunfermline), Gael Logan (Portobello), Laura Fox (Dunfermline/Caledonia), Nicola Tate (Dunfermline), Louise Fox (Edi Uni); and Alison Tate (Dunfermline)

9 Mar - 2014 Scottish Waterpolo Championships Finals - 8 Mar

Dunfermline reached 3 out of 4 finals with Edi Uni competing in 2 finals with Warrender filling another spot. Congratulations to the following winners: Dunfermline (U21), Edi Uni (Senior Ladies) and Warrender (U16s). The mens competition will run after the CWPC. Full report on Scottish waterpolo website.

04 Mar - 2014 Scottish Waterpolo Championships Finals Lineups - 8 Mar

The last of the prelim and semi-finals have been played and the lineup for this weekend’s 2014 Scottish Waterpolo Championships finals has been completed.  The finals will take place from 1pm on Sat 8 Mar at Carnegie Leisure Centre and 3 East District teams will take participate in 3 of the 4 finals.

Match Schedule:

13.00hrs Pool set up and 94+ warm up

13:15hrs 1994+ Scottish Cup Final Edinburgh Uni v Dunfermline
14:45hrs 1999+ Scottish Cup Final Dunfermline vs Warrender
16:15hrs Senior Women Scottish Cup Final Dunfermline vs Edinburgh Uni
18:00hrs 1997+ Scottish Cup Final Menzieshill Whitehall vs Hamilton

Please come along and support our teams.

03 Mar - GB Junior Girls Selection


Caitlin McRobbie from Warrender has been selected for the GB under 15 water polo team. She will be training once a month in Cardiff with her new team-mates.  




26 Feb - GB Callup for Alasdair Campbell of DWPC

Congrats to Alasdair Campbell on his call up to the GB team for this w/ends (1 Mar) International match; GBR v Romania at Sunderland.  Alasdair Campbell

In addition to Alasdair, The Scotland men's team will be playing in the warm up game against GBR 2 prior to the main game.

23 Feb - Scotland Ladies Squad announced for the Commonwealth Tournament


The squad has now been cut down to 14 from which a final 13 will be chosen.

Chantal Guillot (DWPC), Sara Thomson (MHW)


Julia Mackay (DWPC), Vicky Witko (PORTOBELLO)


Nicola Tate (DWPC), Laura Fox (DWPC), Fiona Greer, Laura Mathewson (MHW), Gael Logan (PORTOBELLO), Louise Fox (MHW), Holly Campbell

Players from which the final 2 and 1 reserve will be selected:

Susan Johnston, Alison Tate (DWPC), Hannah Edwards

14 players have been selected (7 from East District); 13 will play in the Commonwealth Games and one will be a reserve, should one of the 13 players not be able to play.

11 Feb - Scotland Junior Men (98+) for 8 Nations Tournament

Congratulations to the following players who have been selected to represent Scotland Juniors (98+) who will compete in the eight nations competition which will be held in Brno, Czech Republic from 18-20 April 2014.



Jack Gardner (Falkirk), Ben Parsons (Captain)(Menzieshill), Angus Cameron (Stirling), Felix Charlton  (Portobello), Clayton Woods (Portobello), Ross Stewart (DWPC), Jamie Davidson (Portobello), Thomas Kane (Crawley), Bailey Forbes (Warrender), Jamie Murray (Stirling), Colin Wood (Aberdeen Dolphins), James Melville (DWPC), Jamie Heywood (Warrender)

18 Jan - Scotland Men Selection for 8 country EU Nations Cup.

14 East District players have been selected for the senior men Scotland squad of 15 to take part in the 8 country Senior EU Nations Cup 2014.  This international tournament will be held in the University of Limerick pool, Limerick, Ireland from 14-16 March 2014.  In the same group as Scotland are Switzerland, Ireland and Austria. In the other group are Malta, Denmark, Wales and Czech Republic.

Congratulations to the players who have been selected:

Bojan Donevski (Port/Edi Uni), Simon Metcalfe (DWPC), Neilson Rutherford (Port), Keith Anderson (Port), Fraser Rutherford,(Port), Alasdair Campbell (DWPC), James Scobie (Port), Darren Campbell (DWPC), Chris Campbell (DWPC), Mark Speed (DWPC), Ed Grundy (Port), Tom Cramond (Port), Andrew  Woodall (DWPC), David Baxter (DWPC) and Logan Sheherd (Menzieshill).

This will be the last competition before the final 13 players are selected to compete in the Commonwealth Water Polo Tournament in Aberdeen 5-12 Apr.

11 Jan - Scotland Boys (99+) squad announced.

Congratulations to the 9 East District boys on their selection to the Scotland Junior Boys 99+ team taking part in the 1999+ Inter Regional championships, especially those playing in their first game for Scotland.
These will be held at Walsall on 8-9 February 2014 and the full squad list is -

  1.  Rueben Bowman - Stirling
  2. James Melville (Captain) – Dunfermline WPC
  3. Jack Robertson - Menzieshill
  4. Lewis Barrow - Warrender
  5. Mathew Crighton - Menzieshill
  6. Finlay Nesbit – Dunfermline WPC
  7. Fergus Kennedy - Aberdeen
  8. Euan Broatch – Dunfermline WPC
  9. Craig Stewart – Dunfermline WPC
  10. Lewis Pritchett - Warrender
  11. Dominique Zahra – Warrender
  12. Rhuari Stuart - Warrender    
  13. Jamie Heywood - Warrender        

Updated on 12 Jan following a player withdrawal.

11 Jan - Scotland Women's selections for Denmark "Nordic Open Championships"

Congratulations to the East District ladies selected for the Women's "Nordic Open Championships" in Odense, Denmark in 14-16 Feb.

After a gruelling Scotland National Training Camp the 16 player squad was selected. This tournament will also be the selection tournament for the Scotland Commonwealth Squad of 13. The competition is expected to be national teams from Denmark, Sweden, Israel & the Czech Republic and Division 1 teams from 2008 Olympic Champion Holland and Germany.

Goalkeepers (3) Sara Thomson (Menzieshill), Chantal Guillot (Dunfermline), Jessica Ivy (Edinburgh Uni), GK - 1st Alternate: Jordan Kelly (Manchester)

Centres (2) Vicky Witko (Portobello), Julia MacKay (Dunfermline) Centre - 1st Alternate: Jenny Bush (Portobello)

Utility/CB/Attack (Field - 11) Gael Logan (Portobello), Laura Fox (DWPC/Caledonia), Holly Campbell (Otter), Nicola Tate (Dunfermline), Laura Mathewson (Menzieshill), Caroline Connor (Menzieshill), Fiona Greer (Penguin), Susan Johnston (Menzieshill), Fran Collings (Mid-Sussex), Hannah Edwards (Menzieshill) Louise Fox (Menzieshill/Ed Uni); Field Alternates: 1. Alison Tate (Dunfermline), 2. Alison Thomson (E. Dunbartonshire/Ed Uni)

10 Jan - Scotland Girls (99+) squad announced.

Congratulations to the 7 East District girls selected to represent Scotland at the annual Inter Regionals tournament. The Scotland girls will travel to Walsall January 18 & 19 to compete against 10 other regional squads from England, Wales and Ireland.   Their half of the draw includes: North West Lightning, East Midlands, Southwest & Ireland.  Selected by Coach Derek Docherty (Warr/Edi Uni) were:

Dunfermline: Hannah Milner

Portobello: Carys Hardy, Bethany Livingstone

Warrender: Caitlin McRobbie, Anna Simpson, Rebecca Martin and Joanna Fraser

The full squad list can be found on the SWP website.

9 Jan 2014 - Scotland Senior Men Training Camp - Limerick

East district men dominated a Scotland senior squad attending a training camp at the Uni of Limerick 3-5 Jan.  Starting with an hours long course swim training when they arrived on the Fri, this was followed by a further swim session and 2 x 2hr polo sessions, during which a friendly international against the Irish was played.  On Sunday a further 2.5 hrs of polo including another friendly match finished off a tiring but worthwhile weekend.  The men will continue preps for the Commonwealth tournament in April with training at Manchester with GB squads and an 8 Nation tournament in Limerick in March.  This is all in addition to club commitments.

Senior Men in Limerick


10 Dec - Congratulations to Alison Tate of Dunfermline WPC who became the East District 2013 Junior Water Polo Player of the Year at the AGM.

 Alison Tate ED Player of the year

8 Dec - Scottish National League Successes for East District Clubs

As the Scottish National Leagues reach their conclusion, ED teams once again dominate the top places.  In the U18 league (born 96 and younger) Warrender have come out on top with Dunfermline in the top 3. 

In the U16 league (born 98 and younger) an unbeaten Dunfermline side have taken the title with Warrender and Portobello finishing in the top 4. 

The Scottish U14 Development tournament (born 2000 and younger) 5-a-side was held over 4 weekends with the first 3 designed to give playing development opportunities for this young and inexperienced group of players.  Mini polo players (born 2002 and younger) also took part in junior games.  The 4th weekend consisted of a Plate and Championship set of finals.  The Championship was won by Warrender after a close final against Dunfermline Colts whilst Dunfermline Broncos came 3rd in the Plate competition.

20 Oct - Success for Caledonia Women at BWPL

Caledonia women will make their first appearance in women's Super 5s this season after finishing fifth in Division One. They join Coventry, Liverpool Lizards, Manchester and Otter.

14 Oct - Congratulations to Portobello for reaching the BWPL Mens Super 5 again.

The 2013/2014 men's Super 5s will have a familiar look this season, with the same five teams as last year - Manchester, Lancaster, Cheltenham, Bristol and Portobello - qualifying after phase one.

Welsh Wanderers, Caledonia and Penguin drop to Championship 1, where they will face Sheffield, Croydon, Polytechnic, Invicta and Team Northumbria, who clinched the final spot with a 14-12 victory over Sutton & Cheam.

Further details can be found on the BWPL website at

6 Oct - Great News for Scottish Waterpolo - Message from Ken Fussell, Chairman of Scottish Water Polo:

I am very pleased to announce that the Scottish Swimming board today agreed to allocate £20,000 towards the preparation and participation of the Scottish Water Polo squads at the 2014 Commonwealth Water Polo Championships.

This is a great step forward for Water Polo in Scotland and shows the support that we are getting from Scottish Swimming.

The coaching staff of both squads will be asked to submit proposals to the SWPC on how they intend to use the

01 Oct - Exciting International Future for Scottish Waterpolo

There is exciting news that Ken Fussell, SWPC Chair) and Neal Rayner, WP Development Officer, have arranged a considerable expansion of Scottish Water Polo's international programme from 2014.  There is also confirmation that Scotland will host a Commonwealth WP Tournament next year. See Ken's article on SWP website

In addition to the current plans to take a men's squad across to Limerick from 3-5 Jan 2014 to train alongside the Irish men squad, information on a number of new initiatives for 2014 have been released.

Ken and Neal both attended the LEN Congress in Edinburgh essentially to host a meeting of Participating Nations for the 2014 Commonwealth Water Polo Championship with approx. 9 men and 8 women’s teams now expected to take part.

At the 8 Nations Tournament meeting a slot had become available and Malta kindly stepped back to allow Scotland the place as we are organising the Commonwealths.  Scotland Men will now compete in the 8 Nations 14-16 March 2014 in Ireland.

The future of the Tri Nations was discussed and from next year the event will grow to a 4 Nation tournament with Denmark adding to the mix.  It will also now be known as the North Sea Water Polo Cup and the Junior and Senior competitions will be split to separate weekends in September.  Ireland has offered to host the Senior weekend and Wales will look at hosting the Juniors.

The representatives from Czechoslovakia offered to host a Junior Men’s (98+) Tournament over the Easter weekend 2014.  Scotland agreed to attend.

Finally Switzerland suggested a Women’s Tournament should also be held and that they are willing to host it, again Scotland said we would be there.

Now the international calendar for Scotland is building with these two yearly, rotating tournaments.

A good day for Scottish Water Polo!

14 Sep - Scottish Players of the Year

Congratulations to  Miles Radcliffe Trenner (St Andrews) who has been awarded the Scottish Senior Water Polo Player and Alison Tate (Dunfermline WPC) who was awarded the Scottish Junior Player of the Year at the Scottish Swimming Annual Awards Ceremony 2013 in Glasgow.

7 Sep - Warrender U/14s Win Dunfermline Sport for All Development Tournament

Approximately 40 young boys and girls descended on Carnegie leisure Centre on 7 Sep to take part in our Sport For All Tournament. Dunfermline formed 2 teams and were joined by Falkirk and Warrender in this 6 a side tournament. A fifth NOMADS team made up of players from all 3 clubs was formed to provide extra game
opportunities during the prelim stage.  Games of 2 half's of 8 mins were played to deliver a 10 game preliminary round after which the teams went into a play off round to produce a winner.

The standard of play improved throughout the afternoon as players grew in confidence and developed their skills against equally spirited opposition.  Many of the youngsters were taking part in their first competitive tournament. There was lots of hard work, many fine individual efforts, and good team moves on display considering the inexperience of the players.  Good shooting and some excellent saves also contributed to the excitement.

A tense and close final was played out between DWPC B and Warrender. The game was highly competitive with all the players working hard and creating lots of chances however both goalkeepers were on form and did a great job to keep the scores down. DWPC B led by a single goal at half time but Warrender came back to come
out 4-2 winners, maintaining their 100% record.

Falkirk and DWPC A competed in the 3rd - 4th playoff in an exciting match which saw Falkirk take a 6-3 lead at half time. DWPC came back during the second half with 6 goals to Falkirk's 1 to take the 3rd position overall with a tight 9-7 win.

At the end of the event, Mrs Ruth Rae of Carnegie Dunfermline Trust kindly presented medals to the winners and runners up. The table officials been watching the players to identify the individual they considered stood out as a good 'team player' and contributed the most to their teams performance. Whilst there were many excellent performances across all teams, Finlay Nesbitt was selected and awarded the Most Valuable Player trophy.

Final Overall Results: 1st Warrender, 2nd Dunfermline B, 3rd Dunfermline A, 4th Falkirk Otters.

All the players contributed to an exciting afternoon of competitive junior polo and were a credit to their clubs. The home and travelling support also made a significant contribution in ensuring a great atmosphere for the players

27 Aug - Tri Nations Waterpolo

Day 1 saw a long awaited win for senior men against Ireland, ladies beat Wales and the girls came through for an exciting draw against Ireland.  The boys were winning against Wales but eventually lost.  Excellent effort from all Scottish players.

A disappointing day 2 for the Scots with all teams being beaten despite some close scores and exciting games.  An unfortunate end to a good weekend of polo, although men and women by only 1 goal in thrilling decider games!
A fantastic weekend was had by all!
Special congratulations to Alison Tate (DWPC) who was joint Top Goal Scorer in the Junior Ladies competition, Chantal Guillot (DWPC) who was named as Best Goalkeeper in the Senior Ladies competition, Bojan Donevski (Portobello/Edi Uni) who was named as Best Goalkeeper in the Senior Mens competition and to Alasdair Campbell (DWPC) who was named Most Valuable Player in the Senior Men's competition!

20 Aug - Tri Nations Waterpolo Schedule

The Schedule for the Tr-Nations Tournament, to be held at Tollcross International Swimming Centre on 24-25 August, is as follows:

Sat 09:15 Wales v. Ireland Girls
Sat 10:30 Scotland v. Wales Women
Sat 11:50 Ireland v. Scotland Men
Sat 13:05 Scotland v. Wales Boys
Sat 14:25 Ireland v. Scotland Girls
Sat 15:45 Wales v. GB U17 Women

Sun 09:15 Ireland v. Wales Boys
Sun 10:30 Wales v. Ireland Men
Sun 11:50 Scotland v. Wales Girls
Sun 13: GB U17 v. Scotland Women
Sun 14:25 Scotland v. Ireland Boys
Sun 15:45 Wales v. Scotland Men

14 Aug - Scotland Senior Women Tri Nations - Team selection

The women's Tri-nations squad has been announced after the largest group of women tried out for a women's squad in many years. The ladies talent as Commonwealths approach was definitely higher than before in Scotland.  

Congratulations to the following players on their selection:

Goalkeepers: Chantal Guillot (Dunfermline), Sara Thomson (Menzieshill)  

Field: Laura Mathewson, Caroline Connor, Susan Johnston, Louise Fox (Menzieshill);

Laura Fox, Nicola Tate (Dunfermline);

Jennifer Bush, Vicky Witko, Gael Logan (Portobello);

Suzi Lewis (Aberdeen ASC);

Holly Campbell (Otter)  

Reserves: GK - Jess Ivy (Edinburgh Uni), Field - Alison Thomson (E. Dunbartonshire)

11 Aug - Scotland Senior Men Tri-Nations - Team selection

Congratulations to the following East District players who have been selected for the Scotland Senior Men team to compete at this year’s Tri Nations in Glasgow against Ireland and Wales:

Neilson Rutherford - Capt (Portobello) 

Fraser Rutherford (Portobello)

Keith Anderson (Portobello)

Tom Cramond (Portobello)

Ed Grundy (Portobello)

James Scobie (Portobello)

Bojan Donevski (Portobello)

David Baxter (Dunfermline WPC)

Alasdair Campbell (Dunfermline WPC)

Chris Campbell (Dunfermline WPC)

Darren Campbell (Dunfermline WPC)

Simon Metcalfe (Dunfermline WPC)

Mark Speed (Dunfermline WPC)


Reserves: Andrew Woodall (Dunfermline WPC), Nuno Oliveira (Portobello/Edi Uni), Robert Tate (Edi Uni).


Logan Shepherd (Menzieshill), Alan Shepherd (Menzieshill) are also selected as reserve players.

7 Aug - Scotland Junior Girls (1996+) Tri-Nations - Team Selection

Congratulations to the East District players who have been selected to compete for the Scotland Junior (1996+) Girls in the Tri-nations against Ireland and Wales on 25 / 26 August 2013 at Tollcross, Glasgow.

The full 96+ Tri-nations girls squad:
1 Alison Tate- Captain (DWPC)
2 Fran Collings (Western Baths)
3 Hannah Edwards (MHW)
4 Gabby Gatherer (DWPC)
5 Erin Reilly (HAM)
6 Katy Barker (WARR)
7 Beth Fyffe (MHW)
8 Emma Coupar (MHW)
9 Lesley Nicholson (MHW)
10 Carla Macaloney (Falkirk)
11 Hannah McKenzie (DWPC)
12 Erin Lawson (Falkirk)
13 Carys Hardy (Portobello)
14 Skye Campbell (Stirling), 15 Mairi Jaap (WARR), 16 Caitlyn McRobbie, 17 Anna Simpson (WARR), 18 Rebbeca Martin (WARR)

7 Aug - Scottish Water Polo Academy Term 3

Please find attached the details of Term 3 of the 2nd year of the Scottish Water Polo Academy which commences on Friday 31 August 2013 at the RCP, Edinburgh from 7.30pm - 9.30pm with registration in the Foyer at 7.15pm.

The Academy provides the opportunity for Players to learn and practice the basic skills required for the game of Water Polo at their own pace and in a deep water, relaxed, no-pressure environment.

It is also the first stage in progressing to the Scotland Junior squads. Although only entering its second year nine of the current Scotland Boys Junior team have attended the Academy and I expect this to increase over the coming years.

The Academy also provides the opportunity for Coaches to improve their own skills, anyone wishing to assist and join the Coaching rota should contact myself, the commitment can be as much as they can manage and it is an enjoyable experience.

Please circulate to your playing members within the age range and your Coaches.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you wish to discuss any aspect of the Academy.

Yours in Sport
Brian M Campbell
Head Coach, Scotland Water Polo Academy

Click here for the Term 3 Flyer

19 Jun - Scotland Junior Boys (1996+) Tri-Nations - Team Selection

Congratulations to the East District players who have been selected to compete for the Scotland Junior (1996+) Boys in the Tri-nations against Ireland and Wales on 25 / 26 August 2013 at Tollcross, Glasgow.

The full squad list of players are:
1. Jack Gardner (Falkirk)
2. Sam Pritchett - Captain (Warrender)
3. James Masson (Basingstoke)
4. Luke Thomson (Dunfermline)
5. Rory Gallacher (Portobello)
6. Darren Smyth (Hamilton)
7. Gerard O'Hagen (Hamilton)
8. Mathew Clark (East Dunbartonshire)
9. Ben Parsons (Menzieshill)
10. Clayton Woods (Portobello)
11. Bailey Forbes (Warrender)
12. Scott Wilson (Dunfermline)
13. Jamie Heywood (Warrender)

10 Jun - 2013 SNL Men Phase 1 completes.

Phase 1 of the 2013 Scottish National League was completed when DWPC Men took on Portobello in a top of the table clash at RCP on Sat night 8 Jun.  DWPC came away 14-9 winners to go top of the league.  Portobello are now 2nd with Edi Uni 3rd.  St Andrews are 5th and Warr 6th.

10 Jun - East District schools dominate Scottish School WP Tournament

Congratulations to players from Heriots who won the Open event with Dunfermline HS 2nd and Queen Anne HS from Dunfermline who came 3rd.  The open event reached a climax following a series of sudden death penalty shoot outs after games ended in a draw.

The S1-S3 5-a-side tournament was won by a team from Dunfermline HS.

This years tournament contained the largest number of schools with teams from all over Scotland attending.

27 Apr - Scotland Boys Team for 1996+ Inter Regional Championships

The following team has been selected  to compete for Scotland in the 1996+ Inter Regional Championships which will be held at Basildon on 25-26 May 2013 :–

1. Jack Gardner (Falkirk)

13. Jamie Heywood (Warrender)

2. Aiden McKenzie (Hamilton)

3. Sam Pritchett (Warrender) - Captain

4. Liam Rodger (Dunfermline)

5. Rory Gallacher (Portobello)

6. Darren Smyth (Hamilton)

7. Mathew Clark (East Dunbartonshire)

8. Lewis Aitchinson (Stirling)

9. Ben Parsons (Menzieshill)

10. Clayton Woods (Portobello)

11. Bailey Forbes (Warrender)

12. Scott Wilson (Dunfermline)

Coach : Brian Campbell

Manager : Douglas Gardner

Congratulations to those selected.

18 Apr - 2013 Scottish Secondary Schools Water Polo Championships

The Entry & Information Form for the Scottish Secondary School's Championships has been sent out and the event will take place on Friday June 7th at St. Margaret's Academy in Livingston.  

Divisions: 1.  Open - (7-a-side) - mixed gender.    This will be played down the length of the pool 2.  S1-S3 - (5-a-side) - mixed gender.    This will be played across the width of the pool (2 pitches simultaneously)

The rest of the details can be found in the form by clicking on this link: 2013 School Water Polo Championships

Please pass this along to anyone that may be interested.

11 Apr - Scottish Teams dominate at Universities Celtic Nations

East District Clubs were well represented at The University Celtic Nations Tournament as both the men's and women's Scottish Universities select squad swept to victory at Celtics over Ireland and Wales in Cardiff.    The men's squad won 11-7 against Wales and 11-9 against Ireland.   Andrew Woodall (DWPC) led scoring against Wales with 4 and Rob Tate (EDI UNI) led against Ireland with 3.    Congrats to all the squads!


26 Mar - 2013 Scottish Secondary Schools Water Polo Championships

The 4th annual Scottish Secondary Schools Championships will be held on Friday June 7th at St Margerets in Livingston.

Details are still to be finalised, but there will be two divisions: 1. Open (S1-S6) which is 7-a-side and, 2. (S1-S3) which will be 5-a-side. Teams will be mixed.

22 Mar - St. Andrews and Edinburgh Uni all in BUCS finals this weekend 23/24 Mar 13

In an impressive display of Scottish Water Polo prowess this year, three different University Clubs (all SASA clubs) qualified for the British Universities Championship (BUCS) Finals this weekend at the Edge in Leeds, 2 of which come from East District.

The Edinburgh Ladies will be taking on Cardiff, Sheffield Hallam and Newcastle in the top tier round robin.

St. Andrews Men will have a final against Cardiff for the Trophy.

12 Mar - League and Cup Double for Dunfermline WPC U16s

DWPC 2012 League and Cup WinnersOn Sunday 10 Mar DWPC U16s completed the 2012 League and Cup double with a thrilling 9-8 win over Menzieshill at NSA Stirling in an emotion charged game between the two best and evenly matched teams in this age group in Scotland.At the end of last season, the 2012 Scottish National League was tied between DWPC and Menzieshill and therefore a league play-off was agreed.  With both teams also reaching the final of the 2012 Scottish Championships, it was decided to combine these 2 games into a winner takes all match.

DWPC started the better in an end to end game with both teams mounting strong attacks and tight defenses but DWPC took a 3-1 lead into the break at the end of the first qtr.  Menzieshill worked themselves back into the game  to bring the score to 4-4 at half time.

A tense and tough period followed and a number of good saves by both goalies kept the goal count low however DWPC took that qtr 3-2 to lead 7-6 going into the final qtr.  A Menzieshill goal with just over 4mins remaining meant a nervous finish for players, coaches and supporters of both teams as play see-sawed from end to end in this finely balanced game with the both teams only scoring 2 goals each in the final qtr.  Despite picking up an injury earlier in the game, Alison Tate fired in the winning goal with 2.32mins left on the clock to give DWPC the lead that they never relinquished.  The pressure and tension mounted as Menzieshill sought the equaliser and force extra periods but time ran out and the Dave Balbirnie Trophy was heading to Dunfermline after what was an excellent team performance.

The players taking part for both teams played with great spirit, competitiveness and restraint to deliver what was always expected to be a close and exciting match worthy of the final.  Dunfermline have now won 4 out of 5 of the 2012 Cup finals, whilst finishing runner up in the 5th final.

11 Mar - St Andrews Uni Men progress to the final stages of the BUCS Waterpolo after 2 wins and a draw at Carnegie LC on Sat 9 Mar.

9/10 Mar - BUCS Championship Semi Finals

Good luck to St Andrews University and Edinburgh University teams as they compete in the semi finals of the BUCS Championship.  DWPC players will also be playing for Dundee Uni.

6 Mar - Scottish Champs Success for Edinburgh Uni as their Ladies retain the Graz Cup.

2012 Graz Trophy Winners Edi UniDespite a spirited effort, the Dunfermline Ladies waterpolo team came up against the defending Scottish Champions, Edinburgh University, last Sunday in the Scottish Cup Final, who are in good form.  A well drilled and confident university side took an early lead with 2 quick goals before goals by Dunfermline Captain, Julia Mackay, brought Dunfermline back into the game to ensure the university were held to a 4-2 lead at the end of the first qtr.  2 goals by Edinburgh without reply from Dunfermline increased their lead to 6-2 at half time.  A strong and effective drop by the university girls ensured Dunfermline was limited to long range outside shots which were easily saved by their goalkeeper.  Dunfermline persevered and worked hard to ensure the 3rd qtr was a closer affair with goals from Julia Mackay and Kerry Falconer limiting the qtr score to 3-2 to the university. The university girls showed their class and experience to stretch the lead in the final qtr by scoring another 6 goals without reply from Dunfermline with good breaks out from their solid defence.  Amy Middlemast was Edinburgh Uni's top scorer putting away 10 of their goals to ensure a 15-4 victory and the Graz Trophy returning to Edinburgh Uni for a second year.

24 Feb - Scottish Champs Success for Dunfermline WPC Junior Teams.P1010711

Dunfermline juniors repeated the success of the older teams with 2 wins in the Scottish Championships last Sunday at Stirling.

Up first were the 95s playing in the final of Scottish Cup for the Willie Mellors Trophy.  DWPC fielded a strong team against tough opposition from Menzieshill.  DWPC went ahead within 15 secs and then further goals ensured a clear 6-2 lead after the 1st qtr. A strong press nullified Menzieshills GB junior Louise Fox and the Dunfermline side increased their goal count by half time to lead 10-4.  The 3rd went 4-2 to Dunfermline then as each team traded goals during the 4th, the final score settled at 17-9 to Dunfermline as they became the Scottish Cup Winners of the Willie Mellors Trophy.

Immediately after the 95 Cup Final, the 97s were straight back in action in the Scottish Cup 97 semi final against Stirling ASC.  After a nervous start, the team regained their composure to take the first qtr 5-2 before taking the 2nd
6-3 to hold a 11-5 lead at half time.  A good 3rd qtr saw 7 goals scored by 5 different Dunfermline players with only 1 goal in reply and ensured a comfortable 18-6 advantage going into the final qtr. With all players getting pooltime, the 4th went 4-2 to DWPC and the final score ending up at 22-8.
The 97s have now progressed to the final to compete for the Dave Balbirnie Trophy scheduled for 3 Mar at Stirling.

In the other 97 semi final, a Menzieshill 97 team travelled from Stirling to RCP to play Portobello.  Menzieshill narrowly won 13 -11 over a vastly improved Portobello side.  Menzieshill will now play Dunfermline in the Scottish Champs 97 Cup Final. 

18 Feb 2013 - Dunfermline WPC Triumph to become 2012 Scottish Senior Men ChampionsCup Winning Team

Dunfermline WPC senior men kept up the success of their U21 squad to take the Scottish Cup after a hard won, entertaining and competitive final against Dundee based Menzieshill with a 15-9 win.

Dunfermline took a narrow 4-3 lead at the end of the first quarter which they stretched to 9-6 by half time. A tight press defence limited the Menzieshill attack to some long range shots. With both teams playing a similar style game, it was always going to be a tight match as Menzieshill worked hard to keep in the game winning the 3rd qtr 2-1 to reduce Dunfermline’s lead to just 2 goals going into the final qtr.

Coach Paul Metcalfe continued to rotate the squad and Dunfermline regained the upper hand in the 4qtr by pressing home the attacks with some clinical finishing and putting away 5 goals with only 1 in reply to extend the lead and take the match 15-9.

5 goals from Chris Campbell led the tally but goals from 7 different players showed the strength in depth of the squad.

16 Feb 2013 -  Dunfermline wins back Malta Cup from Edinburgh Uni in 2012 Scottish Championship U21 Cup Final.

DWPC 2012 U21 Scot Cup winners

Dunfermline WPC left no doubt in the pool last night that they wanted the Malta Cup back to the delight of their supporters filling up the diving pool end of the RCP.  Last year, Edinburgh Uni surprised Dunfermline and broke their streak of 3 straight wins with a one goal victory.  However, this was not to be repeated this year as Dunfermline scored on their first possession and kept on scoring while totally shutting down the Uni side.

The Campbell twins showed their class immediately despite Edinburgh Uni attempting to press them with their best players.  However, the whole Dunfermline team showed their class as other players stepped into the gaps, maintained good team discipline and put their shots away against a strong Edinburgh Uni keeper.  It was 7-0 by the end of the first qtr and at half it was a runaway game 14-0.

In the second half, the same occurred until 22-0 when Edinburgh Uni put in a couple past Joe Thomson who was a virtual wall for Dunfermline.  In the end it was 27-2.   Malta Cup is on it's way back to Dunfermline and this young team look forward to defending it in 2013!  Chris Campbell led scoring with 10, but everyone got in the act of offense for Dunfermline.

19 Jan 2013 - Scottish Girls Team for 1998+ Inter Region Champs

The ASA Academy Girls (98 and under) Inter-Regional Tournament will be taking place at Walsall baths on 9-10 February.

Congratulations to the following East District players selected to represent Scotland:
Alison Tate (DWPC), Hannah Milner (DWPC), C
aitlin McRobbie(Haddington), Anna Simpson(Warrender), Rebecca Martin(Warrender), Jodie White(Warrender), Emma Hamilton(Warrender), Carys Hardy(Portobello)

All teams to be hosted by the West Midlands at Walsall Gala Baths, Walsall.

Other players selected:
Hannah Edwards(Menzieshill), Kirsty Bell (Menzieshill), Rachel Renton (Menzieshill), Skye Campbell (Stirling),
Sara Morrison(Stirling).
Manager : Brenda Tate (DWPC) Coach : Derek Docherty (Warr/Edi Uni)
Good luck to all involved.

17 Jan 13 - Fun Development 5-a-side Water Polo Tournament Jan 12th (for players born 1998 and later)

Last Saturday Academy and mini Polo squads attended a 5 a side development tournament at Stirling University Pool. The Stirling 50 Meter pool was split into three pitches for the 5-a-side competition with the older and most experienced squads competing in the biggest pitch. The tournament attracted 13 squads and nearly 100 youngsters from all over Scotland.  Dunfermline WPC entered 2 teams with the majority of their players 12 years and younger whilst Warrender entered a team into all 3 groups.

Aimed at younger and inexperienced players for players 15 year and younger, teams were put into leagues against similar ability players. The emphasis was on gameplay and enjoyment as opposed to creating a champion though we suspect the players will claim their own winners.

For many of the players this was their first taste of real waterpolo in a tournament format

Scottish water polo development Officer Neal Rayner said, "We succeeded in having lots of kids play and getting lots of touches on the ball in this 5-a-side format. I was thrilled to have 13 squads at a time of the year when we have other trainings and swim competitions on. It was also terrific to have Aberdeen come down to their first Scottish Competition and do so well”.

7 Jan 2013 - Scottish Boys Team for 1998+ Inter Region Champs

Congratulations to the following East District players on their selection to the Scottish Boys team to compete in the 1998+ Inter Regional championships in Liverpool on 26-27 January 2013:

Ross Stewart (DWPC) Scott Wilson (DWPC) Jordan McKilligan (DWPC) James Melville (DWPC) Charlie Johnstone (DWPC), Jamie Heywood (Warrender), Felix Charlton (Portobello), Clayton Woods (Portobello), Bailey Forbes (Warrender)

Other players selected:

Jack Gardner (Falkirk), Ben Parsons (Menzieshill), Cameron Harris (Stirling), Jamie Murray (Stirling)

Manager : Douglas Gardner Coach : Brian Campbell

The team play group matches against East, London, Wales and North West Ravens followed by play-offs as they attempt to gain promotion to division 1.

Good luck to all involved.

20 Dec - Where is the Grant Trophy?

Hartley MacGibbon, West District WP Convener, is keen to revive the Junior Inter-District Championship which has not taken place for some years.  The last record we have is 2003 when Alan Donaldson coached the East District to victory (photo here).
Anyone with any information on the whereabouts of the trophy should contact the National Convener at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

16 Dec - Scots celebrate at Loughborough

Two Scottish teams will compete in men's Division One for the first time next season after Caledonia clinched a top three spot in Championship 1 at Loughborough University (16 December) with wins over Invicta and Sutton & Cheam.  10 of todays 13 players were from Dunfermline and the team will join Portobello next year as one of the 8 teams in the top division of waterpolo. This rounds off a good year for Scottish men’s polo and with East District players to the fore.

8 Dec - Congratulations to Paul Metcalfe, David Armstrong and Alan Anderson who were nominated for Special Awards at the 2012 East District AGM for their contribution to the London 2012 Olympics waterpolo events.  Portobello Water Polo team were also named winners of the Peter Heatly Trophy and Ian Lindsay (Warr) collected the East District Junior Player of the Year trophy.

Congratulations to all the award winners.

29 Oct - 27 ED Players represented Scotland at the Annual Tri-Nations International Waterpolo Tournament held this year in Cardiff.  Team lists below.

The junior girls and junior men lost both their games against more experienced and older opposition whilst the Senior Men narrowly lost 9-7 to Wales and, after taking an early lead against Ireland, eventually lost by 1 goal at 10-9.  Scottish Ladies however were successful and defeated both Wales and Ireland to return Tri-Nations Champions.

Gabby Gatherer (DWPC) was awarded best Junior Girl goalkeeper whilst Neilson Rutherford was awarded ‘Most Valued Player’ for the Men.

14 Sep - Scotland Squad announced for 2012 Tri Nations International Tournament being held in Cardiff 27/28 Oct. East District is well represented once again in all 4 squads. Below is a list of the East District players selected to represent Scotland:

Junior Women (Born 95 and younger):

Alison Tate (DASC and DWPC), Gabby Gatherer (INCAS and DWPC), Katy Barker (WARR), Mairi Jaap (WARR)

Senior Women:

Julia Mackay (DWPC), Gael Logan (WARR), Vicki Witko (Warr), Chantal Guillot (DWPC), Gabby Morris (Warr)

Junior Boys (Born 95 and younger):

James Philip Heywood (Warr), Daniel Woodall (Capt) (DWPC), Iain Lindsay (Warr), Luke Thomson (DWPC), Rory Gallacher (PORT), Scott Wilson (DWPC), Liam Rodger (DWPC)

Senior Men:

Bojan Donevski (PORT), Simon Metcalfe (DWPC), Andrew Woodall (DWPC), Neilson Rutherford (CAPT)(PORT), Fraser Rutherfor (PORT), Ed Grundy (PORT), Alasdair Campbell (DWPC), Mark Speed (DWPC), Tom Crammond (PORT)

Final two places from the following reserves:

Miles Radcliffe Trenner (PORT), David Baxter (DWPC), Darren Campbell (DWPC), Chris Campbell (DWPC), Stewart Carlisle (DWPC), Lorcan Morgan (PORT).

6 Jul 12 - 5 live sports extra are broadcasting the GB games in Ireland from Friday 6 to Sunday 8 Jul.  Also you can follow Tweet updates on Lisa Knight’s 's twitter feed. She's at 'newslisaknights'.

Jun 12 - A busy spring period has seen the Men and Ladies 2012 Scottish National leagues take place with ED clubs again taking most of the top 3 honours.

Portobello won the Men’s league with DWPC second and Edi Uni third. In the final match between the top 2 teams, Portobello showed their experience by closing out the game, narrowly beating DWPC by a single goal in a tense match at Stirling.

In the Ladies league, Edi Uni currently have top spot with DWPC third.

ED Clubs with junior squads have been represented at The Scottish Waterpolo Academy for young players which is just completing its first block of sessions at RCP on Fri nights. Approx 40 players have been taking part and a further block will continue in the Autumn. This academy is linked with the GB Regional Training Centre (RTC) system and is seen as the first step towards national squad selection and a route into GB squads.

11 members of ED clubs attended Grade D and grade C referees course and exams held in Glasgow in Jun; thanks go to ED committee for contributing to the course fees, very much appreciated.

A number of Development events have taken place over the past few months, targetting new players or players with little game experience. These have taken place in Dunfermline, Falkirk and most recently, Midland District supported a development tournament in Forfar.

DWPC attended this 7 club event which was run by Menzieshill WH of which 5 teams were from within local swimming clubs. Over 70 youngsters took part and a great afternoon was had by all, plus the event was also made more special when teams were allowed access to the Olympic torch that had been carried by Louise Fox of MHW.

All 4 Scottish National squads have held training sessions which will continue over the summer and ED clubs continue to be well represented by players and team staff.

1                          Rueben Bowman - Stirling

2                          James Melville (Captain) – Dunfermline WPC

3                          Jack Robertson - Menzieshill

4                          Lewis Barrow - Warrender

5                          Mathew Crighton - Menzieshill

6                          Findlay Nesbitt – Dunfermline WPC

7                          Fergus Kennedy - Aberdeen

8                          Euan Broach – Dunfermline WPC

9                         Craig Stewart – Dunfermline WPC

10                        Lewis Pritchett - Warrender

11                        Dominique Zahra – Warrender

12                       Rhuari Stuart - Warrender               

13                        Jamie Heywood - Warrender