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30th April 2022

Over 40 young players from 4 local clubs took part in todays U15 Junior Development tournament at Carnegie Leisure Centre, the first of 3 events supported by SASA East District.

Teams from Dunfermline Water Polo ClubMenzieshill Whitehall Swimming and Waterpolo ClubPortobello ASC - Water Polo Section and Warrender WaterPolo took part.

With 4 teams playing 3 half games each, the players got lots of time in the pool to develop their match skills. Plenty of goals, great saves and good team plays along with some great individual skills were all on display.


This was a development tournament - played in the spirit of the players learning the game. The ethos for the competition was about playing games more than winning and it was great to see so much effort and enthusiasm from all the players having great fun and a good learning experience.

In addition to the young players, many playing in their first tournament, it was great to see a balcony full of spectators along to support their teams generating a good atmosphere for these young players.

Our thanks to all the coaches, officials and poolside helpers who made this possible.

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24 Apr 2018

Results from Sunday 22 Apr 2018 Scottish Championships in Tollcross:

Scottish Swimming provided a photographer for the day who took some great images.  Thanks to Neil Hanna for the photos.  All can be found on their Flickr page, link below.

Dunfermline Water Polo Club Men Dunfermline Water Polo Club Men 8-9    Portobello ASC Men Portobello ASC Men
Portobello ASC Ladies Portobello ASC Ladies 4-15 Edinburgh University Ladies Edinburgh University Ladies
Menzieshill Whitehall U18's Menzieshill Whitehall U18's 8-13    Warrender Baths Club U18's Warrender Baths Club U18's
Warrender Baths Club U19's Girls Warrender Baths Club U19's Girls 7-18 Dunfermline Water Polo Club U19's Girls Dunfermline Water Polo Club U19's Girls
Dunfermline Water Polo Club U21's Dunfermline Water Polo Club U21's 18-4  Portobello ASC U21's Portobello ASC U21's
Portobello ASC U16's Portobello ASC U16's 9-14  Stirling Swimming U16's

Stirling Swimming U16's



Waterpolo Report February/March/April





Nov 2017

A new U21 men and women EU Nations international tournament took place in Manchester In Nov and there was a very strong representation from the district in both squads.  Both teams were competitive and finished 3rd.

Men: - Jamie Heywood (Dunfermline/Warr), James Melville (Dunfermline), Matthew Crighton (Dunfermline), Ben Scott (Portobello), Finlay Nesbitt (Dunfermline), Euan Broatch (Dunfermline), Luca Pollock (Warrender). Thomas Cameron (Dunfermline), Dominique Zahra (Warrender), Clayton Woods (Portobello), Ross Stewart (Dunfermline), Colin Wood (Portobello), Craig Stewart (Dunfermline).

Women: - Aithne Lawrence (Dunfermline), Alison Tate (Edi Uni), Claire Moloney (Dunfermline/Edi Uni), Emma Hamilton (Warrender), Esme McGregor (Portobello), Eve Meadows (Warrender), Fran Collings (Edi Uni), Gerri Stanley (Warrender), Niamh Moloney Dunfermline), Orla McQuade (Dunfermline), Rowan Foulner (Portobello) Reserve: Libby McMeekin (Dunfermline)

Sep 2017

Congratulations to Gael Logan (Portobello) who was nominated as the Scottish Senior player of the Year award after an outstanding year for club, Caledonia and Scotland.

In the other category, congratulations also to Dominique Zahra (Warrender) who was announced as Scottish Junior Player of the Year following an outstanding year for him which saw him represent GB Junior men.

May 2017 - Waterpolo Update

East District clubs won 5 out of 6 of the 2017 Scottish Championship finals:

Congratulations to Dominique Zahra (Warr) who was selected for the GB U17 Menss squad competing in the European qualifiers in Manchester. The team came 3rd and failed to qualify. In addition, East District also had volunteers supporting the events

East District clubs are again well represented in the Scotland Men water polo team with all bar 1 from the District competing in the EU Nations international water polo tournament in Poland from 19 to 21 May. Congratulations to Ben Scott (PASC), James Melville (DWPC) and Matthew Crighton (DWPC) who are all earning their 1st senior caps for Scotland in an international tournament.

April 2017 - Waterpolo update

East District clubs were well represented in the Scotland boys junior water polo team who competed in the EU Nations international water polo tournament in BRNO, Czech Rep.

Congratulations to Ben Scott (Portobello) and Dominique Zahra (Warr) who are part of the GB Junior boy's squad hoping to compete in the European qualifiers in Manchester.

A successful British Championships event was held at RCP on 8 Apr with both games also live streamed. Caledonia women beat Hucknall then Caledonia men beat Portobello in a narrow and enthralling game.  The water polo committee supported with live streaming and the East District screen provided a great backdrop.

Sep 2016 - Scottish Water Polo Players of the Year

Chris C3Congratulations to Chris Campbell of DWPC who was presented with his Scottish Senior player of the Year award at the Scottish Swimming annual awards evening after an outstanding year for club, Caledonia and Scotland.

In the other category, congratulations also to Matthew Crighton of DWPC who was announced as Scottish Junior Player of the Year following an outstanding year for him. Matthew was unable attend as he was attending GB trials in Manchester.


29 Jun 2016 East District Clubs Dominate the 2016 Scottish Water polo Championships.

The district was represented in all 5 finals and came away with all 5 titles, shared between Warrender, Dunfermline and Portobello in a great day of entertaining water polo and some tight games.

Congratulations to all winners!

Under 16 Mixed Warrender 14 - 9 Dunfermline WARRENDER WIN THE DAVE BALBIRNIE CUP!
Under 19 Girls Warrender 12 - 11 Dunfermline  WARRENDER WIN THE ANNETTE MOONEY CUP!
Under 21 Boys Dunfermline 7 - 4 Menzieshill  DUNFERMLINE WIN THE MALTA TROPHY!
Ladies Dunfermline 13 - 7 Menzieshill  DUNFERMLINE WIN THE GRAZ TROPHY!
Men Portobello 15 - 6 Dunfermline  

30 Nov - East District Clubs Dominate 2015 Scottish Championship Finals

Congratulations to all the players who made each game exciting, and big well done to the winning teams who are all from East District!
Below are the results:
Willie Mellors Cup u18's: Dunfermline WPC 11-7 Portobello ASC

Dave Balbirnie Cup u16's: Dunfermline WPC 9-13 Warrender Baths Club

Malta Trophy u21 Men: Portobello ASC 10-14 Dunfermline WPC

Graz Trophy Ladies: Menzieshill Whitehall SWPC 3-6 Edinburgh University

Scottish Cup Men: Dunfermline WPC 3-6 Portobello ASC

See Scottish Swimming full Flickr Album courtesy of Neil Hanna via this link:

29 Aug - East District Players in Action.

28 waterpolo players from East District clubs are in international action over the next few weeks taking part in 4 tournaments including the EU 10 Nation Girls International in Prague.

The Scotland Junior boys depart early Saturday morning to compete in the U14 BWMF Cup being held in Lloret de Mar from 29 Aug to 2 Sep 2015.

They are closely followed by Scotland junior boys and girls teams competing in the U16 BWMF Cup which is also being held in Lloret de Mar from 2 to 6 Sep 2015.

Seven players from East District are in 12 player Scottish Girls U18 team representing Scotland at the EU 10 Nations International Tournament to be held in Prague from the 4th-6th Sep 2015.
Good luck to our players and all the members of the Scottish Swimming National waterpolo squads in action abroad over the next couple of weeks.

28 Jun - U18 Scotland Girls Training Camp – Hungary

8 East District players are amongst the fifteen girls who will be attending the Scotland U18 girls waterpolo squad end of season training camp in Eger, Hungary from 2-7th July.

Head Coach - Ian MacCallum
Visiting Coach - Neal Rayner
Team Manager - Joan Dundee

Alison Tate - Dunfermline WPC
Hannah Edwards - Menziehill
Aisla Gordon - Stirling
Skye Campbell - Stirling
Jodie White - Portobello
Heather Keith - Otter
Isobel Keith - Otter
Carys Hardy - Portobello
Caitlin McRobbie - Warrender
Siobhan Kerr - Inverness
Emma Hamilton - Warrender
Bethany Livingstone - Portobello
Esme McGregor - Portobello
Hannah Milner - Dunfermline WPC
Lauren Dundee - Stirling

Good luck to the squad.

24 May -  East District Boys off to GB training Camp

Thomas Cameron (DWPC) and Jonny Roberts (Warr) departing for a GB training camp in Croatia 24 May.  The boys are following in the footsteps of other East District players who train with the GB squads

Good luck to the boys





31 Mar - Scottish University Teams selected for 2015 Celtic Nations

The Scottish teams have been selected for the 2015 Celtic Nations being held at Tollcross 4 Apr 2015 and have a strong East district representation:

The ladies team.
Emma Bird (captain) Edinburgh
Nicola Tate Dundee/DWPC
Jenn Davis Edinburgh
Louise Fox Edinburgh
Alison Thomson Edinburgh
Natalie Sodaro Glasgow
Jenna Culloch RGU
Simla Saraglar Glasgow
Maddie Brook Edinburgh
Katy Barker St. Andrews
Tanja Lepore Edinburgh
Rhona Cartwright Aberdeen
Alison Eadie Glasgow

Coach Derek Docherty (Edi Uni)

The men's team:


Bojan Donevski (Nap)
Joe Hansen-Shearer (Edin)
Zach Thomson (Dun/DWPC)
Soma Molnar (Gla)
Kostas Koltan (Aber)
Andreas Meli (Edin)
Borja Marcos (Gla)
Rob Slater (Gla)
Sam Jenkins (Edin)
Michael Houghton (Edin)
Timos Naskas (Gl Cal)
Sean Kelly (Gla) Captain
Andrew Melville (Edin)
Coach Paul Metcalfe (DWPC)



8 Mar - GB Selection for Warrender junior player

Congratulations to Scott Wilson of Warrender who has selected to the GB junior boys team that will travel to Malta for the final qualification stage of the European games that will be held in Baku, Azerbaijan in June.

16 Feb - Scotland Junior Boys  (98+) International Selection

The 1998+ Boys team to represent Scotland in the EU 8 Nations Tournament in Malta 3-5 April is as follows with 7 out of 13 coming from East District clubs:-
1. Reuben Bowman (Stirling)
2. Ben Parsons (Menzieshill)
3. Felix Charlton (Portobello)
4. Clayton Woods (Portobello)
5. Ross Stewart (Dunfermline)
6. Thomas Kane (Crawley}
7. Bailey Forbes (Warrender)
8. Colin Wood (Aberdeen)
9. James Melville (Dunfermline)
10. Lewis Goldie (Stirling)
11. Mathew Crighton (Menzieshill)
12. Dominique Zahra (Warrender)
13. Jamie Heywood (Dunfermline)
Coach : Neil Rayner (Warrender)
Manager : Andrea Baker (Menzieshill)

8 Feb - Scotland Junior (98+) Boys Selection
The Scotland Junior (1998+) team which will compete in the Inter Regions at Manchester on 21/22 February 2016 is :-
1 Rueben Bowman Stirling
2 Ben Parsons (Capt)Menzieshill
3 Angus Cameron Stirling
4 Felix Charlton Portobello
5 Clayton Woods Portobello
6 Jamie Davidson Portobello
7 Scott Wilson Warrender
8 Colin Wood Aberdeen
9 Lewis Goldie Stirling
10 Elliot Lawrence Stirling
11 Calum Hope Stirling
12 Dominique Zahra Warrender
13 Jamie Heywood Dunfermline

Coach : Brian Campbell, Dunfermline
Manager : Andrea Baker, Menzieshill

23 Jan - East District Juniors Dominate GB Squad Selections

Scottish Swimming is delighted to announce Scottish selections for the GB Junior Water Polo squads and 11 of the 14 players come from East District clubs.  These age group squads train in at least 8 weekend camps throughout the year, mostly in Cardiff.   Further selections are made for those age groups competing in European Championships, friendlies and training camps abroad.   The younger age groups had trials on January 10th and 11th. 


1998:     Scott Wilson (Warrender Baths Club)
1999:     James Melville (Dunfermline Water Polo Club)
2000:     Trials still to occur
2001:     Thomas Cameron* (Dunfermline Water Polo Club), Jonathon Roberts*(Warrender Baths Club), Dominique Zahra* (Warrender Baths Club)


1998:     Hannah Edwards (Menzieshill & Whitehall), Alison Tate (Dunfermline Water Polo Club)
1999:     Carys Hardy (Portobello), Caitlin McRobbie (Warrender Baths Club)
2000:     Lauren Dundee* (Stirling Water Polo Club), Bethany Livingston (Portobello)
2001:     Aithne Lawrence* (Stirling Water Polo Club), Orla McQuade* (Dunfermline Water Polo Club), Eva Sigurdardottir* (Warrender Baths Club 2002)

* marks a new selection as of 2015

Speaking after the selections Neal Rayner, Scottish Water Polo Development Officer, said,

“The volume of Scottish players selected is excellent and is testament to the hard work of not only the athletes themselves but their coaches and their clubs for getting the athletes to this level.  In saying that, the hard work really only begins now!
“It is important that these young players get as much training and game time in as possible to help develop their technique, their physicality in the water and their stamina. I’m looking forward to seeing how they all progress.”
For more information on waterpolo in Scotland check out the section on the website:

20 Jan - GB selection for East District Junior Players

Congratulations to Orla McQuade (DWPC), Thomas Cameron (DWPC) and Eva Siggurdottir (Warrender) who have been selected to join the GB junior squads and invited to attend the next GB trials/training weekend on 8/9 Feb in Cardiff.

January Report:  Dunfermline senior men completed an undefeated run by winning the 2014 Scottish Men's Cup final on Sunday with a 14-10 victory over Portobello to complete an outstanding year of success.
2015 competitions have now restarted and last weekend many of our younger and less experienced players (U14s and U12s) took part in a development event at Stirling with a number taking part for the first time. Ladies games are at RCP on Saturday and U16s playing at Stirling on Sunday.
A number of East District junior players attended the GB trials weekend in Cardiff last weekend.
The Caledonia ladies team to complete the BWPL season with 3 wins and earned promotion to Division 1. This team contains a number of East District players.
Portobello ASC start their challenge for the 2015 British Champs this Sat when they travel down to play City of Manchester on Saturday evening. The Portobello squad also contains many senior Dunfermline players to give the team a distinct district feel. In addition to the seniors, coaches from Warrender are also taking a 'Caledonia' U17 team down to Manchester to play City of Manchester U17s in the warm up game as part of their preparations for the 2015 ASA National Age groups. Junior players from WARR, PASC and DWPC are involved in this squad.

On 31 Jan Portobello ASC then play Bristol at RCP in the first of 3 home dates. I've held an informal discussion about the possibility of live streaming. This could be a first for Scottish club polo and a great way to highlight the discipline, RCP as a water polo venue as well as expand the options for using the equipment.