Congratulations to the winners of the Andrew Taylor and Bob Greenlees Trophies at The East District Age Groups

on Tuesday, 19 March 2024.


Lillian Blair - Fins.  Winner of Andrew Taylor Award

Guy Johnston - Hearts. Winner of the Andrew Taylor Award

4.Lillian Blair  Coach Iain MacDonald - Fins

Guy Johnston  Coach Finlay Saunders - Hearts

Congratulations to the winners of the Andrew Taylor Award - Guy Johnston – Heart of Midlothian and Lillian Blair – Fins and to their coaches winners of the Bob Greenless Award - Finlay Saunders – Heart of Midlothian and Iain McDonald – Fins. 

The Andrew Taylor Trophies & The Bob Greenlees Memorial Awards will be made annually to the coaches of the Swimmers who win the Andrew Taylor Trophies for achieving the highest points from the World Aquatics Points Table for an individual swim by a boy and a girl in the youngest age group at the East District Age Group Championships,

Click here for list of award winners.



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